Atlantic Beach Clubs has provided rental ski boats to all of Fort Lauderdale since the late 1990s. This 18ft Sports boat that is a fun package that combines sleek styling and power for all watersports.
This sports ski boat measures 18ft and is an excellent boat for water activities or just cruising.
This boat measures 20ft and is ideal for accommodating a small family as it provides adequate space along with the ability to outfit it for watersports or fishing. The 290 model has a beautiful design with sufficient seating for and a sun pad for day lounging. With top-of-the-line rental ski boats ready and waiting, Atlantic Beach Clubs offers you a chance to zoom around the Atlantic with some of the most technologically advanced watersport vehicles being manufactured today. Because of the size of the open-bow structure motor in our speed boats, it is a perfect rental boat for those adventurous enough to water ski and wakeboard. Offers a wide range of yachts  for rent, from sail or motor boats, exquisite  powerboats,sailboats, catamarans and motor sailers to luxury sailing motor yachts and mega yachts. The Greek sunlight has a unique way of resonating off the clear salty water making it look like an immense sparkling blanket.
Mykonos Exclusive can make sure you get the best out of your sea travels by giving you the opportunity to choose from one of the largest vessel fleets in Greece, including yachts, mega yachts, motor yachts, sailing yachts, motor sailors, catamaran and speed boats. When you leave it to Mykonos Exclusive, you can rest assured that your vacation will be a proper superstar experience.
Sailing yachts represent a special kind of elegance and finesse that are seldom seen these days. Respected and enjoyed all over the world, sailing yachts provide stunning looks with their sleek design. Rib boats have been proven to be the most popular means of transportation and recreation on the Greek seas.
They have the advantage of being able to travel in any kind of weather and reach even the most shallow and secluded bays.
Fully air-conditioned, airy and rich in amenities such as entertainment centers, king-size beds and gourmet meals from a personal chef, the catamaran experience will leave you speechless.
We are happy to offer all-inclusive concierge services to discerning clients who demand quality, elegance and luxury.

We work with a selected number of suppliers in Greece and can organize every little detail of your dream yachting experience.
Enjoy the spectacular waters and see them change color from emerald green to turquoise blue. Available for all of our catamarans and motor or sailing yachts, the experience of island hopping will create an unmatched experience combining luxury with adventure.
Mykonos Exclusive is the leading provider of travel information on places, events, restaurants and bars on Mykonos island.
Apart from hotels, we also offer villas for rental, which vary from the truly luxurious to some more affordable options. And last but not least, make sure to check our informed guide on Mykonos shopping, spa facilities and everything else you need to turn your visit to Mykonos into an unforgettable experience.
Seaforth Mini Speed Boat Rentals Today we are featuring a new boat rental site that is offering fast, fun and safe mini speedboat rides and tours in San Diego. We are committed to sharing the experience of boating with any and everyone, experienced or not. These svelte sea knives slice through water with sheer power, traveling over 100 miles per hour or just cruising along the coast. The words "FERRARI", "AUDI", "BMW", "LAMBORGHINI" , "PORSCHE", "ROLLS ROYCE" & "BENTLEY" are registered trademarked. In the cockpit you will find a wet bar and storage, while the deck has a three-step ladder for easy and safe boarding. Our ski boats are an ideal choice for you if your only desire is to feel the ocean air at high speeds, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying and towing your boat to the dock.
You can even attach more than one water skier at a time, making it a truly unforgettable experience for you and your friends or family. We cooperate with a large number of rip boat rental companies, which offer trained skippers, ready to make the most of your Greek sea adventure. They provide a stable platform and their shallow draft makes it possible to explore areas off limits to most yachts.
Visit the ancient archaeological site of Delos, swim on Rhinia Island and its majestic beaches in protected coves.
In case you don’t want the company of other sailing yachts, head north to some of the island’s most secluded and exclusive beaches.

On our guide your can also find information on the finest Mykonos restaurants, how to plan your wedding or even ask us to organize your honeymoon in Greece. For versatility and overall experience, our 38’ Cigarette “Top Gun” speedboat in Miami is the way to go!
Any references to FERRARI, AUDI, BMW, LAMBORGHINI , PORSCHE, ROLLS ROYCE & BENTLEY vehicles are for descriptive purposes only. Come to us when you want to experience the ride of a lifetime. Whether you rent a speed boat to explore the sights out on the sea with friends and family, or you want to try your hand—and feet—at water skiing or wake boarding, a ski boat can do it all.
On our website you can find info on a large selection of the best luxury hotels and all boutique hotels Mykonos has to offer. Additionally, we handle yacht charters or any other VIP and concierge service you might require. FERRARI, AUDI, BMW, LAMBORGHINI , PORSCHE, ROLLS ROYCE & BENTLEY have no liability for our actions. No matter how cliche it sounds, a Florida evening on a ski boat really is something to behold.
Can you picture yourself gripping the racing style steering column and taking it up to speed with Miami as a backdrop?  This exotic speedboat seats up to 5 passengers, making it ideal for restaurant hopping with friends and family during a South Florida vacation. The vehicle logos used on our materials are for descriptive purposes only and are not certified by FERRARI, AUDI, BMW, LAMBORGHINI , PORSCHE, ROLLS ROYCE & BENTLEY. There is no reason why you can’t rent the Miami lifestyle once in a while--it is free from the heavy investment of boat ownership and maintenance!
Built for excitement, speed and rough water conditionsCigarette boats have a legacy, and that is sheer speed. This does not mean that the boats are unsafe, but that they are crafted with lightweight, durable materials. According to Cigarette: "Cigarette does not compromise on its construction for the sake of lightness to achieve speed." Experience the adrenaline rush that only Cigarette speedboat rentals can provide with a free quote today!

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