OverviewBasic Specs The XSR 48- A Supercar on Water For travelers thirsty for a high-speed aquatic adventure, look no further than the XSR 48-it is truly a supercar on water!
If you go just to the island and back, most our boats will use between 4-6 gallons depending on your load and how heavy you are on the throttle. Voucher RedemptionAfter you reserve your pontoon online or by the phone, we will send you a confirmation email including a voucher with your payment information, complete operator information, meeting location, departure time, and local telephone numbers at your destination.
Ocean CityNew Jersey – Last night City Council approved a monthly rental fee for the new Ocean City Marina located at 2 nd and Bay.
Wet 'N Wild Wave Runner and Jet Ski Rentals, Ocean City, New Jersey Fun for the whole family!
For travelers in Miami and South Florida, New York, Chicago and LA, this is the perfect luxury speedboat rental to kick your vacation up a few notches. The words "FERRARI", "AUDI", "BMW", "LAMBORGHINI" , "PORSCHE", "ROLLS ROYCE" & "BENTLEY" are registered trademarked. These svelte sea knives slice through water with sheer power, traveling over 100 miles per hour or just cruising along the coast. If you are already imagining yourself cutting across the water in this beast, lets talk about specifications.

Any references to FERRARI, AUDI, BMW, LAMBORGHINI , PORSCHE, ROLLS ROYCE & BENTLEY vehicles are for descriptive purposes only.
For versatility and overall experience, our 38’ Cigarette “Top Gun” speedboat in Miami is the way to go!
FERRARI, AUDI, BMW, LAMBORGHINI , PORSCHE, ROLLS ROYCE & BENTLEY have no liability for our actions. The vehicle logos used on our materials are for descriptive purposes only and are not certified by FERRARI, AUDI, BMW, LAMBORGHINI , PORSCHE, ROLLS ROYCE & BENTLEY. Can you picture yourself gripping the racing style steering column and taking it up to speed with Miami as a backdrop?  This exotic speedboat seats up to 5 passengers, making it ideal for restaurant hopping with friends and family during a South Florida vacation. It was launched by Prince Michael of Kent, and has been satisfying the need for speed of prominent people since its inception.
To gain perspective, bursting up to 85 knots on the open water is similar to revving a luxury rental car up to 100 miles an hour on the open road.
There is no reason why you can’t rent the Miami lifestyle once in a while--it is free from the heavy investment of boat ownership and maintenance! Onboard this exotic speedboat rental, you will find all modern amenities to more than adequately entertain and be entertained.

Built for excitement, speed and rough water conditionsCigarette boats have a legacy, and that is sheer speed. The modern and minimalist approach onboard this luxury speed vessel is refreshing, and we certainly dont want anything unnecessary weighing it down when getting up to speed! This does not mean that the boats are unsafe, but that they are crafted with lightweight, durable materials. According to Cigarette: "Cigarette does not compromise on its construction for the sake of lightness to achieve speed." Experience the adrenaline rush that only Cigarette speedboat rentals can provide with a free quote today! Only 100 luxurious XSR 48 speedsters were made this year, for the bargain price of just $1.8 million each.
If this is not the rate you had in mind for a weekend water excursion, take advantage of the XSR 48 rental in Miami, New York, Chicago or Los Angeles for a fraction of a fraction of that rate with a free quote.

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