The quintessential range for kicking off a SUP passion, the Fly all-round shape comes in a broad range of sizes, accommodating every individual’s needs and expanding your watersports horizon.
If you are a lighter person and you still want to enjoy the allround performance of the Flys, the 9.6 in our favourite Pure Technology is your choice. The Fly 10’0” is the quintessential SUP for lighter to middleweight riders looking to kick off in their first waves or tackle big surf.
If you are a heavier rider or your local spot regularly presents you with variable conditions, then the 10’6” will provide you with the extra support and stability you need. A true all rounder, the Fly 11’0” is a naturally adaptable board with high performance aspects that really matter. Expand your watersport horizons with the Fly 11’6”, the all-time entry board to both the Windsurfing and SUP world.
Maui stand up paddle boarding is an experience you just can’t miss, and Surf Club will teach you how to SUP beautifully.
A beginning group lesson—best for singles, couples, and families with teenagers—starts in the morning, lasts 1.5 hours, and is limited to 6 people. This particular patch of the Pacific is perfect for Maui stand up paddle boarding, because it is shallow and there is a lot of flat water, but there are also small breaking waves nearby if you want to try and catch some. For those who are already quite experienced with Maui stand up paddle boarding, Surf Club offers an incredible 2.5 hour tour of the coast and coral reefs!
When your lesson with your superb instructor ends, you may have the option to continue using the board for the rest of the day. Location: 22 Alahele Street, Kihei, across from Kalama Beach Park and right behind the red 76 Gas Station. Paragon Sailing Charters proudly offers a sunset excursion, complete with hor d’oeuvres, beverages, and incredible views.
Fish, coral, and even octopus prefer shallow water with lots of light: the deeper you go the less there is to see so the Reefdancer stays on top, while you sit in an air conditioned underwater cabin.
If you like to sleep in, but don’t want to miss the fun, this afternoon snorkel trip is just the ticket. Come see the beauty of Molokini or the beautiful Coral Gardens with our friendly crew dedicated to making this experience fun and memorable.
The humpback whales return to Hawaii for a few months every year to mate and give birth, so Malolo takes you out to see them from December 15th – April 15th. Imagine soaring high above the Pacific Ocean in a specially designed parachute while being towed behind a high-tech speed boat.  That’s what parasailing is all about!
If you're looking for a new activity for the warmer months, you should definitely give it a go.
Purchasing your own equipment can be expensive, so unless you're sure it's something you're going to stick with, I'd recommend hiring the gear when first starting out.
Paul and Justin Mitchell (a lovely father and son team, who are related to Jamie Mitchell – an acclaimed Australian stand up paddler) run the business. Holding the long paddle with both hands you alternate strokes on the left and right side (do about 3–10 strokes on each side depending on the shape and type of board). So if anyone ever asks you 'What'SUP?'… it pays to remember the lingo… SUP stands for 'stand-up paddleboarding'. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Outstanding stroke efficiency and a racing style waterline are combined with ease of use and the stability of an all-round cruiser to create the Ray – the ultimate touring experience.
The Pure Technology is an exceptionally durable and featherweight construction for frequent use. Learning how to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a great way to stay in shape and work on your overall balance. You will learn the gradual process of standing up to your feet and paddling on flat water before getting out on the ocean.
During the tour, our instructors will show you the correct way to maneuver and guide your paddleboard.

Our instructors have all obtained both their pertinent yoga certifications, as well as CPR and Open-water lifeguard certifications. Not only does the San Diego Surf School offer SUP lessons, Yoga SUP lessons, and SUP tours, but offer the ability to rent paddle boards as well. This allows you to take a self-guided tour of San Diego's Mission Bay, and can also be recommended to SUPers of all levels. Designed with plenty of width the 9.6 even allows first timers to enjoy their first SUP session and will take them up the skill ladder with time to show its full potential. Great turning ability and speed comes from the classic pintail shape, while the lower entry rocker will have you cruising effortlessly into every wave you desire. For 2015 we have added the new HRS WB 10’6” with 5l more volume and an extra 1 inch in width to give you even more stability and float. Offering endless glide in a compact and balanced design, the pronounced V and pintail provides smooth, engaging carving sensations while the surfing rocker line will have you cruising onto the waves first. Experts in this not so ancient sport, they will teach you all the technical aspects to get you up and cruising. Gliding above the coral reef, watching the fish and searching for honu (sea turtles), just you on your board at your own pace—can you imagine it?
The reef is shallow in most areas, so be sure to look before you consider leaping off your board! A cute couple sailing crystal waters on foot, as the bronzed female wears a teeny-weeny bikini and a beaming smile, and her buff counterpart goes shirtless in a pair of Okanuis. Paddleboarding can be traced back to the Polynesians in the 1700s; however, the sport really began taking off after 2005. JM Stand Up Paddle Company (SUP) hire boards out of Palm Beach Parklands (945 Gold Coast Highway) for use in Currumbin Alley.
Why not try Currumbin Alley, Tallebudgera Creek, Pumicestone Passage, Noosa River or Cudgen Creek in Kingscliffe? Changing your stroke side will steer the paddleboard and distribute the effort across both arms. During my first paddle I fell into the water twice, something I welcomed on such a hot day. Glass reinforcements ensure an optimum stiffness, while a thick, durable outer skin gives the board’s hull great strength, with extra ding and impact resistance. During these lessons, our skilled instructors will guide you through a fun filled way of learning the techniques necessary to master SUPing! Our instructors will teach you how to properly control your board, paddle, and dismount from your board, as well as safety techniques. Let our skilled instructors take you on a tour of San Diego's beautiful Mission Bay while learning how to SUP. No matter what level yogi or SUPer you are, San Diego Surf School's SUP yoga lessons are ideal for you! This being said, you can be assured that every class is safe, serene, and exactly what you're looking for. It fuses an exaggerated tail rocker with a wider platform for extra stability and incredible maneuverability in the surf. For heavier more advanced paddlers the 9’6“ can be the ultimate allround performance board to carve and ride down the line. Featuring a deluxe deck pad and plenty of V in the tail, this ten-footer resembles a much smaller board, is lighter underfoot and easy to manoeuvre driving through turns. The combination of softer rails towards the front and sharper edges on the tail, enhances grip and carve through turns, all the while maintaining that highly sought after glide.
Resembling shape and characteristics of the 10’6”, it has outstanding float and stability making it suitable for both light and heavier beginner paddlers. Surf Club will provide your board and paddle as well as water booties and a rash guard (long-sleeved water shirt that will protect your top half from the sun).

You’ll be thrilled with the life you see below the surface, as well as the views in the distance.
Just the fact that they exist at all, and they are so much bigger than anything you usually encounter is an amazing thing.
They're both standing on their own floating devices called stand-up paddleboards, gracefully striding through the water with long paddles. It's now become one of the fastest growing watersports globally, with more and more people participating for leisure or to race competitively. As a beginner you can go out on a calm, gentle waterway such as a river or lake, and for the more advanced (or is that the more adventurous?), you can take to the ocean and brave the waves. If you're paddling correctly, you should feel the results in your core muscles, possibly your buttocks and have a slightly 'heavy' arm feeling the next day. Classic style surfing or progressive Stand Up Paddling, what ever your preferred style is, the 9’6“ will help you to put it on display. A more pronounced curve in the tail, teamed perfectly with a flatter nose rocker, offers direct turning and smooth paddling. Whether days bring breeze or glassy waters, an adventure can be created with this highly durable package.
The kind and knowledgeable instructors will first go over things with you on land, so you’ll understand how everything works. If it is whale season (December through April), you are likely to see some humpback whale activity on the horizon. So ok, maybe it was this romantic ideal that I was trying to emulate when I agreed to go stand-up paddleboarding with my partner last weekend.
Then slowly stand up with your feet spaced around the centre of the board with your knees slightly bent. Spoilt for choice, the 10’0” is also available in the high-performance, feather light Wood Edition, as well as the HRS and standard Pure construction. Well balanced and wide volume distribution, combined with the flat deck gives a great deal of stabilised buoyancy. Optimum upwind ability when windsurfing is generated through the sealable centre fin or use as a standalone SUP shape without. Then, they’ll get you on your board on the calm water, and before you know it, you’ll be paddling, taking a tour of the stunning coral reef from above! It is such a cool feeling, knowing you’re on the same water that enormous whales are playing in! Some prefer to stand with their leading foot a little forward to help them balance and paddle with more strength. What you might find surprising, though, is that it doesn't actually feel like a workout until you're finished. While I found the steering a little difficult at first, the board never moves too quickly, so you have ample time to perfect the 'turn around'. Available in a lightweight Wood Edition for high performance, or the HRS and standard Pure constructions, the 10’6” is a great all-rounder that can be shared amongst family and friends of all levels. The CAD design shape features a genuine surfing rocker line catching waves easily and providing you with maximum balance and stability.
Endless riding is to be had with the multi-tasking 11’6”, so all you have to do is decide whether you’re going to SUP or sail.

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