Obviously the ready cut kits are preferable and less hassle, but what sort of premium are you paying for this? Here in the states there are an increasing number of cutters able to perform these kinds of services. It is my understanding that in europe, there are a number of cutters able to do the same thing especially in Holland and the Netherlands. I guess practically it comes down to: a) can you get the metal cheaper than what they charge for a kit and b) can you get it cut locally to avoid the negligable shipping costs. Location: Bristol (UK) I think what I'll do is get the plans and do an accurate costing to compare it with the price of the ready cut kit.
We are obviously not neutral as we profile many steel boat kits in a year of several types in the UK and Ireland. Can I just say to Solomon Grundy who also replied to your thread - I can't believe we do so many kits in a year if there is not a substantial price saving for the client. Can I just say to Cyclops who also replied to your thread - as a reputable profiler we would without question replace any mistakes made which were our fault very quickly and absolutely free of charge. Location: Aberdeen UK With reference to the cutting services, can you give some sample prices of recent works.? I would need to know what you wanted us to do for you in some detail to be able to price a job properly but perhaps we could talk and as I say I will help in any way I can. Very popular kits are offered by more than one cutting coy, so that there is some sort of competition.
Today, casco buildin is a specialism, whether aluminium or steel, craftmanship is required.
Welding is frequently calculated by the running ft, and not that pricy for real certified expertise.
Location: uk Having built steel boats by hand and with a CNC cut kit there is no comparison. A number of boat design companies will sell either the kits or DXF cutting files (including my own).

The cutting files are of course proven in that boats have already been built from them before. Our company will send degraded files that are accurate enough for the purposes of getting a quotation (but not for building) for anyone interested in trying this.
Location: Seattle Washington I have the Roberts TY 43 Trawler cut files I would be willing to sell at a good price contact me if interested. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. In 1993 we were one of the first companies to offer CNC Kits publicly and in doing so we helped establish an industry. December 31, 2013AK275 Build Log 01 – Specialty SteelJohn, Wendy and Mike Schrauwen of Specialty Steel Fabricators in BC built this beautiful example of our Alaska 275.
See our Licensing Page for details, or feel free to contact us to discuss becoming a Partner. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on new kits, custom designs, and to find out what's on the drawing boards. Grit blasting is generally recognised as the best foundation for subsequent protective coatings. On completing the construction, the surfaces are cleaned up before further applications of paint. To help with compliance we have in conjunction with CE Proof produced stability calculations and structural scantlings. The kits can be shipped worldwide and are accessible to professional and amateur boat builders alike. Basicly the metal, the cost to cut the metal and the cost of any extras like primer or shipping. So while I make a small profit on the precut kit, it's still the same or lower price than it would be if the cistomer where to buy materials and find a local cutter.
As we have already spoken, I know you are investigating the advantages of having the steel kit cut in the UK from a reputable profiler using quality British Steel.

The computer aided design using our latest software and complete CNC control over our machines coupled with our quality assurance system almost eradicates mistakes these days anyway so it is very unlikely to happen and if it does happen it should be caught in time before it is delivered and can be put right without anyone even knowing at our works. We could tag a casco in about three weeks together, taking about another week for the finishing of the welding, additional comes standpipes and rudder plus propellor shaft. Speed of assembly is hard to compare but taking into account lofting; a kit assembly is probably half the time. This new technology enables a more efficient building process and up to fifty percent labour savings can be anticipated. A list of further materials like flatbar, rubband, angle iron sole bearers are also included, as well as weldmet specifications and lines plan. This body looks at all aspects of the boat design and construction with the emphasis on safety. It must be made clear, however that building the boat from the steel plate stage onwards is outside Branson Boats' control. Notes about other aspects which should be incorporated into this document are also included. This can cost a few thousand pounds but the background material provided will, hopefully, reduce the work load and therefore the cost.
Delivery of the kits is free within the UK mainland, but unloading is the customers responsibility along with making sure they have the correct equipment for safe unloading. The fairness of the structure is superb, as the curves are computer generated and then cut.
Get mill certificates for the steel and use cross check dimensions to confirm accuracy when the job is completed. Simple tools only are needed as much of the labour-intensive, skilled work has already been completed.

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