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The boat is essentially a copy of Peter Ibold's Endurance 35, modified for multi-chine steel construction by an outfit called Dufour Yacht Design, of 327 Ch. I guess i am not surprised as they look identical but I have only seen endurances in GRP and Ferro.
I will also still try to find the old owners as their input on pros and cons is appreciated. Location: Flattop Islands As far as I know Dufour Yacht Design of Canada (Robert Dufour) is not in any way associated with Dufour Yachts (Michel Dufour) of France. Originally Posted by daveydavey Dufour 35 build by Holland boats of stony creek ON in steel.
Location: ON Unfortunately I have no idea how she sails, though here on the great lakes, I would expect slowly indeed. Before I bought her she was in the water and I went to the marina during a very squally day - all hell was breaking loose - dinghys airborne and club racers thrashing, snapping lines and heeling toerails under docks.
The combination of flush foredeck and pilothouse means that there is a large break in the interior, you step down out of the pilothouse around a foot. The windows are kinda large for a real offshore passagemaker IMO, one of my mods was addition of the capability to easily bolt on storm shutters or whatever they're called. The design is a winner (literally, the endurance did win some award I believe) for a singlehander or couple who wants a basic, rugged offshore boat with flush decks and a pilothouse and capacity for extended cruising, and are willing to sacrifice some sailing ability. The designer (Ibold really, and in this case, Dufour) managed to fit a lot of boat in a small footprint and still have it look pretty good. Location: ON Just looked at the pics shown in that listing - nice job on that boat.

I just last year spent a day with Ed Arnald who I knew had solo circumavigated, rounding cape horn several times in an aluminum Brewer Huromic 35.
Originally Posted by daveydavey Just looked at the pics shown in that listing - nice job on that boat.
Originally Posted by daveydavey The windows are kinda large for a real offshore passagemaker IMO, one of my mods was addition of the capability to easily bolt on storm shutters or whatever they're called.
Originally Posted by daveydavey The pilothouse is tall, (IMO the boat is barely big enough for one, or for a flush deck) and it is difficult for shorter sailors to see over the pilothouse when steering. Extended cruising for me will now be a less compromised early retirement endeavor, one way or the other, and I'm good with that.
Merits of designs - plenty of chatter about that from other non-experts, so I'll not bother other than to say that IMO, for liveaboard cruising, I think that average speed on all points matters much more than the highest possible pointing ability, and that a longer, more easily driven boat will over time be faster and more comfortable than a shorter more beamy boat of similar displacement and sail area. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Easy River De Viking, Hardinxveld – Giesendam, Holland, very high quality yacht that has been properly maintained by a knowledgeable yachtsman. Absolutely beautiful Dutch sailing Tjalk built in 1926, with all original features throughout.
A new built (2003) steel plated kit formed motor barge by Euroship of Holland, 19m x 4.85m. The company YBC grew from it's inception in 2008 to become one of the most successful marine brokerage businesses in South East Asia. For $15,000 USD down, if you have good credit, the owner will finance the rest at a competitive interest rate and terms. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated.

Most boats with this feature set are in the 40'+ range, and everyone I can think of is hefty and probably expensive, with lotsa sail and heavy gear. It's global client concepts were based upon the experience gained by Bob, and indeed by myself and other family members, over thousands of miles of full time sailing on the high seas and along the coasts of many countries.
It's business creed was to provide a service that whilst thoroughly professional at all times was carried out with the understanding and personal attention to the needs of both buyers and sellers of marine craft. Every system in this yacht has been designed for utility and efficiency by two experienced blue-water sailora. It had to be 'smooth sailing' for everybody.This service to clients expanded to include the registration of vessels under the Langkawi International Yacht Registry, as well as the insurance needs of all boat owners.
It developed even further to become a 'one stop shop' for clients wanting the refurbishment of boats in order to maximise their sale potential as well as the pre-sale or post-sale delivery of the vessels to locations of the owners choice. This vessel is a small ship, designed in the days when a true yachtsman (or yachtlady) ordered a bespoke vessel capable of a circumnavigation.
Middle school is such a wast of time (and mean), have the twins do it on a boat, I say that as a former public school teacher. She's been extensively modernized in 2000, 2007, and 2013, under the direction of a retired Navy man and his wife -- two highly experienced sailors.   This is a vessel that is equipped to take anything the sea can dish out. She features a tough steel hull (surveyed every three years and maintained by experienced steel boat builders at Bock Marine) and a mahogany interior.

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