I’ve put together a playlist of video tutorials for Origami Dragons all by jonakashima and tadashimori. The Origami Dragon Tutorials are embedded below or you can click here to view the playlist.
Also, here are a couple of simple origami dragon diagrams both based on a bird base, one standing, one in flight. I hope this is useful and you’ll soon be making an army of fire-breathing monsters out of paper. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Everyone knows that the art of paper-folding has been around for a long time; probably over a 1000 years. How to Learn advanced origami folding instructions Origami paper folding is an ancient Asian art form that still lives strong today all over the world.

Like trends, crafts come and go, depending on public whim–but also depending on the proclivities of writing and teaching artisans.
Today I want to share with you 3 more videos of the origami dragon “sifu” – Satoshi Kamiya.
I’ve put them in order of length, so the first one is the shortest and simplest to make (6 minutes) and the last one is the longest and most complicated (about 2 hours). Only don’t actually make them breath fire as it’s incredibly bad for their health! If you have a model that you would like to share, or if you see your model here and would like it removed, please Contact Us. In this section you will find our selection of the best Video Tutorials related to Origami Advanced (1 This flower is pretty difficult to fold. So the tutorials go from Beginner to Advanced, and you can pick which you want to do based on your level of skill – or work through them all!

Our easy origami instructions make learning origami for kids, money origami, advanced origami and more, simple. Origami Bonsai is a new art form developed by Benjamin John Coleman, teacher, artist and inventor, over the past seven years. Uploaded by chowdermarshmellows on Jun 3, 2011 This is a much better version of origami Yoda. If you're just browsing, stop in and tour the section on origami, the art of paper-folding.

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