Anyone aware of plans for a 14-16 ft long stitch and glue proa or outrigger canoe that is well executed and has nice appearance?
I have a client interested in an outrigger canoe or proa and these boats seem to fill his design criteria very nicely. For plans for a versatile outrigger (tacking) see Gary's Tamanu 20 footer on his website (it did not make it into his book), which will come together relatively fast and be quite seaworthy and fast. I made a router jig but it turned out that cutting by hand using a block plane is faster and more accurate. After setting up the 16 feet side blanks and transferring the points by measuring and using a flexible stick to join the points between measurements I was ready to cut the sides of the Skerry. If you don't already have a block plane you will find that they are very useful woodworking and boatbuilding tools. While an in-person course with Bill is well worth the $800 tuition, our series on how to build a stitch and glue boat provides comprehensive stitch and glue instruction for the cost of an affordable OCH membership.
Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 25 – Painting The Hull: In this edition of the fox series, we get much more from Bill than a simple video of rolling on some paint. Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 24 – Varnishing the Deck, Coaming, and Fittings: Everyone has their own experience, tips, and tricks when it comes to varnish.
Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 23 – Finishing The Little Details: Bill Thomas has built enough of these that we can all learn from his workflow. Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 22 – Fitting The Coaming Rims: Just when we thought we'd completed the stitch and glue part of the build, Bill throws one more at us. Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 21 – Installing the Seat Risers: Moving along in this series we are finishing up the little details that pull the Fox together.
Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 20 – Installing the Seatback: The Fox canoe is beautiful.
Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 18 – Installing the Coamings: Few things are as exciting during a stitch and glue build as when the boat really takes shape. Stitch And Glue Boatbuilding At The WoodenBoat School: We take you to the WoodenBoat School for family week. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. It's a wonderful book on the subject and price-wise a pretty darned good bargain considering all the information and detail drawings in it. Classes of these craft are very popular, especially in places like New Zealand where they are raced in various lengths—this example being one of the shortest. If you are really building a proa, then the hull will be fore and aft symmetrical thus easy to build (though if you are going all-out Pacific native, then you might be trying lateral assymetry), and in that case, just scarf the plywood, cut the stems angles that you like, join the ends, stick out the topsides, eyeball a lot, measure, and add chines and bottom when you are happy.
This is the boat for which I would have bought plans and built from them had they been available when I started my 2nd phase of outrigger frenzy some years ago.
I suppose it is hard to make a perfect joint but I'm hoping that at least one side will look good enough to keep natural colour. Check twice cut once!Transferring the measurements to the boards, here is what will be the bottom of the Skerry boat.I snapped a chalk line for the middle and made my marks on tape.
Murphy's law is alive and well in my home!!Although the process is not difficult in itself, it is awkward to manipulate the big floppy pieces of wood.I cut 2 panels together for each side. The base was about a half inch too big.I did some "adjusting" with my block plane and now things will be coaxed together without too much fuss. Whether you plan to build a Fox or some other stitch and glue boat, going through the steps with Bill will provide you with a deep and specific understanding of the way stitch-and-glue boats go together. The method of boat building is called stitch and glue and is supposed to be very forgiving. That way if there is anything a bit off at least I will have a symmetrical boat.I now have all the pieces of the Skerry sail boat cut out except for the mast step and the reinforcement on the bottom of the front seat.
I'm depending on the filling putty to hide any imperfection where the end of the base and the front meet.
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That part I had no problem with, but, once in place epoxy very slowly creeps downhill and starts dripping at the bow and stern. The epoxy did it's best to flow to the bottom of the boat but I was merciless in sopping it up. Erased any pencil marksMasking tape between bottom and second panel make it easier to trim the glass cloth after it's been wet.

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