Beginning in 1962 the Riva Aquarama came to the forefront of racing boats, leading to it eventually being nick-named the "Ferrari" of boats. NOTE: Signal of the RC model may be disrupted if a cell phone is within close proximity to remote control. Celebrate an age of opulence and grandeur with the Remote Control RMS Titanic 32" with lights.
Honoring the hard work and dedication of the United States Coast Guard, the Remote Control USCG Coastal Motor Lifeboat 18" model is a well-crafted replica of the real boats used by the US Coast Guard.
Designed by one of the earliest racing boat manufacturers, this fabulous RC model glides through the water with the same grace and style as the real thing.

Sleek and agile, this stunning power speed boat has been handsomely recreated by as an exciting remote controlled model ship! Purchase this model as the perfect gift for anyone who would like to operate the most famous ocean liner to grace the seas. After a full day of zipping across the waves place this wonderful model on your desk or above the mantel, and enjoy the warm nautical style and sleek racing heritage it brings to any room.
With the high speed dual motor, it comes with all the items necessary to get you started and play immediately.
This model is both fully functional and enchantingly decorative, enjoy this fine speedboat out on the water or placed atop your desk.

Peer into the precision-cut deckhouse windows or gaze across the aft-deck benches and share the thrills and excitement of a grand ocean voyage upon the RMS Titanic.

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