Hydraulic brake lines are manufactured using double wall brazed low carbon steel tubing in accordance with SAE J527.
I have these installed on my personal boat trailer so when it came time to refurbish my grandpaw's trailer they were the obvious first choice. View DetailsThe AERO-6000 actuator is intended for use on recreational, marine, and agricultural occasional-us trailes, which are towed by passenger cars or pickups.
The inverted flare tube nuts conform to SAE J512 and the flares are fabricated per SAE J533b.
This finish provides extended corrosion and abrasion resistance by combining a hot dip coat of the alloy Galfan with an aluminum rich epoxy top coat. The force acting on the motor would be equal to someone sitting in the seat and applying the brakes.

These LED trailer Lights operate the Stop, Turn, Tail, Clearance Marker, Rear Reflector, and License Plate Light functions all in one great looking and sleek design.
Back in the day you had to remember to disconnect your trailer lights before launching your boat or run the risk of ruining the bulbs, with these it's not even an issue. Been using them for about 6 years now and even though someone backed into my boat trailer bending my rear step and busting the side lens of one of these lights about two years ago they still work! Spend a little extra money on these over the incandescent ones, even for a land (non-boat) trailer, you will save yourself tons of trouble because fiddling with your lights to get them working before being able too use your trailer will be a thing of the past. On top of all that BTP's shipping speed to me is amazing and to offer it for free when you spend over $100 was just icing on the cake! Light Specs: Standard 2 inch center to center measurement for mounting Light measures 2.88 inches tall by 8 inches longSUBMERSIBLE for you BOAT TRAILER!!

Thanks for great customer service too, Tim is very nice to deal with over the phone when you have questions. And, yes, I tend to agree functioning brakes with no seat movement is more practical than no brakes with a finely-tuned seat motor. It is not, however, designed to create, and hold, 100+ lbs of force on a longitudinal axis.

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