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A new design aimed to serve as a low budget entry model for Karnic has been added to the existing product range of the company.
High quality of build is a principal requirement for every part or component produced by Karnic, covering from the selection of parts and materials to product fabrication and assembly.
Karnic aims in every design to offer unique styling and usable detail with complex modern surfaces to define shapes, well studied ergonomics and balanced space allocation. Karnic manages to offer a high value product at competitive prices because of the emphasis given in developing and refining a highly efficient production system that is based on accuracy and flexibility to autonomously control quality with more than 150 control points per line. With their distinctive look and quality finish they are sure to capture the boating public.

Model 1851 is categorised in the Karnic Open Line and although it exhibits the basic features of a centre console, it simultaneously succeeds to attract attention with the distinctive style, close attention to detail and high quality of build that characterise all Karnic products.
In fact, every shape, dimension, edge or corner on each Karnic hull has been designed to serve a purpose. Hull stiffness is a critical feature to avoid shape deformation under the high water pressure loads at speed. There are numerous examples of visible features that demonstrate this such as the bonded rather than screwed solid wood cabin door frames, the styled stainless cleats, the all welded rails, the automotive style bonded glass on all closed cockpit models or in the non-visible areas, the osmosis resistance vinylester skin coat standard on all hulls and the use of topcoat on all internal hull surfaces for maximum protection. Although this requires a lot more effort during design and development, it achieves the unique character of all Karnic models and maximises return to owner for a given boat category. The challenge for Karnic is to minimise production costs by refining and developing methods or processes to increase productivity and eliminate waste rather than sacrificing quality. The layout is fairly practical and flexible to serve multiple purposes from extreme fishing to daily family excursions or water sports.

In fact, a Karnic hull is so stiff that it can be suspended asymmetrically from three points without signs of flexing or twisting.
It is generally observed that there are more features, detail and space utilisation in a given square meter on a Karnic than the equivalent square meter on a competitive boat of the same category. It offers generous seating with a continuous bench at the stern for three, a convertible twin helm seat with storage under and an additional seat forward of console which together with the bench arrangement at the bow converts easily to a dinette or sunbed. In addition, the material homogeneity distributes stresses evenly and prolongs product lifetime as more vulnerable materials such as wood are eliminated.
There are five drainable wells, an enormous 1.5 meter long storage compartment inside the console that can even accommodate a chemical toilet and another storage compartment at the stern.

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