UK-based designer and builder, C-Boat is pleased to present their new C-17M yacht tender, based on a development of the C-15M tender, featuring similar specifications, including the same propulsion package. The C-17M yacht offers the ability to enclose the central deck space, either to add heat and use during the winter months or add Air Conditioning to make a more desirable space in the tropics.
The armadillo framework is constructed using carbon nomex sandwich allowing for a minimal sleek structure, made up of three segments (shells) with the central one fixed, and two rotating front and back. The mechanism to open the shells is a simple rotation; the front and the back shells rotate towards the centre and then sit above the fixed central shell. Inside the armadillo, is generous side bench seating, which can be adapted to form a comfortable dining area.
The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. Humphreys Yacht Design in collaboration with UK boat builder Jason Carrington launched a new carbon superyacht tender at this year’s Monaco yacht show. Jason Carrington, a highly respected builder of the state-of-the-art Grand Prix race boats and leading exponent of exotic composite materials was the one who initiated this project. Launched in February 2014, luxury yacht Moonraker represents the eighth unit of Maxi Open Mangusta fleet. The project idea is, to bring in all such called “Nicki and Cocco Beach Club” VIP guests to an extraordinary other place like this 70m Super Yacht. Comment by sailho on Von'Widmann Designs… of our latest sea trials on the motor yacht Mystique, this was a total redesign project of the entire system. Comment by john on Yacht Charter aboard the Luxury BELLE AIMEE in BurmaIts been my all time dream to sail in Burma, whether on a yacht charter or a private boat, but a holiday on this superyacht in this location would be beyond my wildest dreams i think! Comment by Relevance on Worth Avenue YachtsExcellent yacht brokerage firm by all accounts for both sales and charter.
LiveYachting is a wiki type website where superyacht professionals, enthusiasts and businesses share information about luxury yachts. If you have built a strip boat before and are confident in your skills, you could build the complete boat from the kit package without purchasing the Pre-Kit.
E-mail us with your complete address and the design you are interested in and we will quote shipping and packaging costs.
In 2003 after many modellers had expressed an interest in this popular design, the Vosper RAF Crash Tender or 46′ Firefloat Mk.
Having built the RAF Crash Tender and fitted it with a powerful electric brushless motor you will be able to experience a life-like representation of the full-size boat.

With the right combination of motor, speed controller, batteries and prop, the large Crash Tender will perform at speed for about 30 minutes. The full-size craft performing at speed in 1953.  The similar pose of the model is evident.
The model on the stand  showing further detail.  This model is a single shaft version but can be adapted for twin screw and rudder. The Graupner 900 motor bolted to the supplied adjustable motor mount.  This enables easier alignment of the motor to the propshaft.
The Scorpion brushless motor installed in a model built from the kit.  More powerful and smaller than the Graupner 900. Extra realistic detail is applied to a kit model which enhances the appearance.  This example is by a member of the Phoenix Model Boat Club in Surrey. Another view showing additional detailing of cockpit with access to radio control equipment through small hatch.  The whole of the floor can also be removed for access. Detail of twin motor installation in one of the kit models constructed by a modeller in the Welwyn Club. In addition, the C-17M yacht is a slightly larger providing even better sea-keeping but a slightly lower top speed thanks to a more generous beam. The brief was to create an enclosed space that could be heated when cold but also had the ability to open up to give the feel of an open day boat. The shells are made up of carbon surrounds supported internally by a random lattice of carbon strips, layed up over a mould. Forward is the helm station with twin passenger buckets on the starboard side with the single helm on port. The engine box is covered by what C-Boat is calling the “Sun Saucer”, the raised sides adding some security whilst bombing around the ocean and catching rays. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. The Nieuw Amsterdam life and tender boats are on the way from the icy river Elbe in Germany to Venice. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. Humphreys Yacht Design for the first time has dealt with a concept of semi-custom, sports boats built from carbon, titanium, teak and leather.
He was particular to design a yacht that is fast, seaworthy and also has a shallow draft for maneuvering it close to the shore.

It is especially meant for people looking for exclusive tenders for their luxurious yachts. Moreover, the highly distinctive look of the tender, along with its comfort and safety makes it an attractive choice.
We designed our Stringer system design based on the before and after results both the Capt.
This informational package is intended to give you a variety of instructional and reference materials that you will need to build a boat and is an especially good primer if you have never built with cedar strips and fiberglass. 2 to give it its correct description was re-introduced as an improved all wood kit for the vintage enthusiast. The deck fittings are traditionally cast in white metal.  A full sheet of the correctly sized and design transfers is included which adds to the final finish of the model.
Keeping the same specification and construction methods as the C-15M tender has resulted in the C-17M being extremely light and agile. The boat’s deep ‘V’ hull and long waterline length is achieved by a vertical stem and careful design around the water jets to ensure losses of hull area are kept to a minimum. 93 was delivered to the RAF Marine Craft Section based at Calshot on Southampton Water in approximately March 1952, it appears to have spent most of its life in storage probably because the Sunderland Flying Boats were being withdrawn from service during this period and its role therefore became redundant.  No. The Carbon lattice reduces the largest distance of unsupported glass and thus reduces the thickness of the glass needed, and therefore the weight, which is one of the main drivers for this approach. The company makes both motor and sail yachts and tenders, by using carbon and titanium in the construction. This not only increases the overall efficiency of the yacht but also results in a boat with excellent sea keeping characteristics. The boat also features a water ballast system that allows 250 liters of water to be pumped into a tank in the bow, which enhances stability and gives the boat extra momentum to move through heavy seas. In light conditions the ballast tanks are emptied to allow speeds of 45 knots in smooth water.

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