When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Three decades of ATV manufacturing experience has led to the KingQuad 750 AXi Power Steering Camo Suzuki’s most powerful and technologically advanced ATV. Our 2016 Suzuki Kingquad 750axi Power Steering Camo 4-Wheeler For Sale - Greenville, North-carolina 27834 page is focused on 2016 4-Wheeler For Sale - Ron Ayers Motorsports Dealership, with references to Greenville, North-carolina 27834 and mentions of 2016 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Camo 4-Wheeler For Sale. Bendable hardwoods in the automotive industry may not at first seem like a market fit, but here we are talking about heritage restorations and new materials for prototyping and experimental applications. Abundant torque developed by the 722 cc fuel-injected engine gives the KingQuad the get up and go that’s a must-have for Utility Sport ATVs.

Auto Futurist in "The New Century of Car Builders", has written about the use of Cold-Bend™ hardwood in the custom shaping of automotive components. The advanced Power Steering feature provides responsive handling and the easiest maneuverability available.
Cold-Bend™ hardwood has been used for heritage and contemporary steering wheels (in airplanes too), curved trim, frames, spring components and sculptural prototyping. With an independent rear suspension locking front differential and a handful of other features the KingQuad 750 AXi Power Steering Camo comes loaded with all the necessities to make sure you get the job done.
Cold-Bend™ hardwood can also be vacu-formed onto curved surfaces such as dash and trim components.

If you’re looking for a utility sport ATV find out what makes this Suzuki worthy of the name KingQuad. Another development for the automotive market is a flexible wood woven matt that can be cold molded onto the surface of exterior panels, and glassed over with clear-coat epoxy. A similar project was developed for the Splinter super car, a stunning project, but their method was limited to gentle curves.

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