I have towed many conventional boats 15-23' in my time but never a pontoon boat which I am considering. I would think that a smaller 16-18' pontoon boat would have more drag on the two vehicle than a standard 16-18' V hull? For me to get to water to use a power boat I have to drive 110-225 miles so I will be at highway speeds most of the time. The pontoon boat offers me some advantages but I don't want to wind up with problems as my tow vehicle is limited as to what it can tow and I don't want to create problems towing for myself. Come to think of it I guess that the lighter loads don't require brakes by law so that is something to consider in towing anything. I can retrofit electrics or surge brakes to any trailer however and I am not afraid to tackle that issue.
I have a 21' pontoon boat, I have towed it with my wife's Pilot and my Jeep Wrangler, tows fine I do not notice any difference between it and my dad's 18' Whaler which is roughly the same weight. With the two pontoons and particularly the rails creating a more or less flat surface to the wind it would almost have to create more drag. And with the fact that my commute to any lake I can use it at is at freeway speeds that could create a problem for my Toyota Van.
A significant issue is that many pontoon boat trailers have small-diameter wheels and tires.
I have to tow it at freeway speeds for at least 80 miles to get to the closest lake I can use it. I used to tow my 20' pontoon to the Keys with no problem using an E150 V8 (351) van and a V8 (350) Suburban. One thing I found is to tow it a bit nose down.(low hitch) It tends to increase the tongue load at speed and made it tow great up to 80 or so on the interstate. I would rather take my chances with a 20' pontoon boat than a glass sport fish with the same amount of deck space that would easily weigh twice as much and be more top heavy..

Drag, or wind resistance is not a major factor when towing at highway speed, when comparing one type of boat to another. That wouldn't be a good idea for a dual-axle trailer; the front axle would carry a higher load. We are always looking to improve the quality and value we already provide to our customers.
Congratulations to Ryan and his wife Brittany of Faust Racing for Ryan’s win at Caro, MI last weekend! Are you going to be in Eagle River this weekend for the AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby? Snow Kaizen Versatile New Kayak Trailer Design Canoecopia 2nd Annual Bowling Event Pro-Enduro Win!
A step up in construction, the width, depth and size of the RH690 gives room for full-length bunks and the option of spacious lockup forward and main cabins. Under floor storage and dive bottle shelves built into the pontoons at floor level make for a spacious, usable cockpit. The RH690’s ability to access offshore fishing areas and be powered with up to 225 horsepower inspires confidence in this rig, which is a top choice for the serious boatie.
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I've pulled both many times and you can pull a v-hull that weighs twice what a pontoon boat does with the same vehicle. Brewers memorabilia, coolers, golf balls, gift cards, portable car battery charger among many other things were given away as prizes! We participated in our community’s local gift drive by adding a “giving tree” to our entrance.

There are larger storage areas and a deck interior width of nearly two metres, giving the serious diver or fisherman room to move.
On a tandem trailer its weight is around 2,000kg, giving plenty of options in towing vehicles.
With that motivation, we’d like to share that recently we completed a successful five-day Kaizen event for our snow trailer line.
It has been designed to carry a large variety of recreational products such as kayaks, SUPs, surfboards, sailboards, canoes, bikes, storage boxes, coolers and other equipment.
We want to congratulate Jessica Peters and Steve Wierzchowski for the best woman’s and men’s scores respectively.
All Prestige trailers come with many standard features including side access door, full length quickslides and LED lights among other things. The tree was full of gift requests for individuals in our community who needed a little support this year. It is equipped with tow and ski package, 150 hp Yamaha motor, CD player and stereo system, tri-toons, bimini cover and ample seating. Using this passion, our trailers are engineered to perform and last in the extreme conditions you love. This pontoon provides a smooth ride across the lake and can go over 40 miles per hour (depending on weight).

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