DescriptionThe stylish PARTY DECK 21 merges the comfort of a pontoon boat with the performance of a runabout.
I currently have an 18 ft boat with a 10 hp motor that i haul with my 95 shortbed chevy Z71 package, 350 engine. Welcome, You should be fine I towed mine with my Dakota with a 318, just slowed me down because it's like pulling a parachute made my top speed 70 but that's plenty but there is a lot of wind drag, going slow you have no problem at all. Thanks for the quick response folks, we have a couple boats that we're looking at and now we can make a decision on one of them. Tell us which one's your looking at and we can help with the pro's and the con's of each and tell you to get a bigger engine, but all kidding aside most will say get the biggest engine you can afford when buying, because it expensive to do afterwords .
Well right now I guess I'm looking at every pontoon boat that i see in the pittsburgh area.
I plan on keeping my 18ft Grumman fishing boat with its 9.9 hp for local fishing trips with my sons. OK now being on bigger lakes a 24 foot or longer for the smoother ride and you want a 90 or maybe bigger most say get the biggest you can afford, a 90 on a 24 you should be around 18 or 19 mph with 10 on board, guys are putting 250's on them now days but a 150 or a little bigger might do you well.

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Ideal for water sports, cruising with the family or an occasional fishing trip, this versatile deck boat - powered by a MerCruiser has all the thoughtful extras and solid construction you’d expect from a SUN TRACKER pontoon.
Search Sacs Marine directory for pontoon boats, fishing boats , aluminium boats, bass boats, speed boats, silboats and luxury yachts for sale. Like an integrated full-width aft swim platform with boarding step, in-floor storage for kneeboards and water skis, and a pop-up changing room for getting into or out of your swimsuit. When you feel like casting a line, the bow-mounted fishing chairs and aerated livewell really come in handy. Upholsteryis upgraded premium vinyl and its good condition shows well. There are numerouscupholders throughout and even a hidden trash receptacle tucked away in thedeck.
While underway, the transom door closes to keep everything safe and thebow door closes to keep everyone dry.
Volumous compartments below deck storeall the fun toys within reach and out of the way.  A dedicated walkway to theswim platform means no dripping wet adventurers climbing in and out over seatedguests.

Convenient stepup to the covered swim ladder makes for easy access to the beach and back.Beneath the swim ladder, a hatch opens to space devoted to anchor and linestorage. Stainless steel grab rails are well positioned and located well,everywhere.The helm is well appointedwith a wooden dash panel and tilt steering. The electric engine hatch opens to a clean engine compartmentwith sound absorbing foam. For bluewater, backwatersor the lake back home, the TAHOE 215 CC outboard-powered deck boat with centerconsole command provides deck boat utility, sport boat performance and fullfishing boat functionality. An aft swim platform, tournament-style ski pylon and protective Biminitop complete this performance rig.The Tahoe 215CC is the largest deckboat in theTahoe fleet, yet it still has the power, speed, and maneuverability for skiingor wakeboarding. Standard features include generous L-shaped lounge seating in therear, and a versatile seating and sunning area in the bow. There's always a reason to go to the lake,and with a CD entertainment center, a 48-quart cooler, a 20-gallon pressurizedsink, boaters can stay all day. EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION !

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