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2 additional keels are added to the sides normally thinner and lighter to act like stabilizers. I saw bilge keels in NZ where boats were moored in tidal waters and had to rest on the bottom and remain level during the lows. This vessel is a YM 3-Tonner, designed by Alan Buchanan and winner of the 'Yachting Monthly' annual design competition in 1948. Anyway: what you are asking for is basically a stability calculation and is the work of a Naval Architect and it would be wise to contact one in your (?) area. The title of this thread, as luckykhan has finally more or less explained what he is looking for, should then have been twin keels and not bilge keels.

This cruiser has a unique combination of shallow draft (1.1m), and a mast that can be raised and lowered by hand, allowing her to sail both oceans and inland waters. Orca is a particularly well equipped Westerly Berwick, and would seem ideal for cruising the European canals and voyaging to destinations afar. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. If we do not do this distinction, we are going to talk about apples and oranges while not knowing which one is what. Remember that this process will not work for photos only located on your computer, or uploaded to members-only Yahoo groups. The Forum software will resize some large images, so look at your post to see the actual displayed images. The twin bilge keels are steel and provide additional lateral resistance when going to windward, as well as acting as legs to hold the vessel upright in a drying berth.

This is such a large subject that it could fill books, and research is in full swing, like showed by the article from Andy Cunninggham nicely posted by glenandoh. Racing boats, however, have shown that having both daggerboards down has little influence on speed, and in places where quick tacking may be necessary, they keep both down as well as their keel in centerline.
Here's a much better approach to finding exactly what you want and getting the best possible deal! Trailer, extra rigging gear, deep cell battery, fuel tanks, oars, anchor and other goodies also included. This boat has a short mast and 800lbs of keel balast designed for high winds typical of north sea.

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