I was checking out videos of miss geico when I found the most awesome RC boat I've ever seen. Scratching my head at that comment - not sure I agree that the US is anywhere near as dedicated or committed to Electrics as the europeans have been. But it is an odd comment you have made above for the simple fact that the Geico clips are of an AMERICAN build. Boat was not built by Geico - just a fellow modeller who wanted to show the team his model boat. Spent a weekend with the team 2 years ago where my Phil and I displayed a boat he built (and I now own).
Justadd sorry to bring this up from a long time ago, what hull is that and do you still have the boat by chance? Scotty Begovitch (Throttleman) has been known to frequent some of the RC boat forums as a member and make the occasional comment.

Im good freinds with Mary and Bruce who haul the boats and gear, they are coming to LOTO this year and I was promised a ride in the caveman boat and gonna try to get in the race boat if possible!! I have seen seen that boat on eBay numerous times, I don't believe it is your actual old boat, I think it is radtek selling hulls as he has the rights from Hans Peter to build the 233 here in the states. The Geico race team is not owned by Geico - It is owned by John Haggin and sponsored by Geico. He was following the team around as part of the Build It Bigger show for the Geico episode though I don't believe any filming was done at that particular race. A few years back Marc Granet (Driver) e-mailed me some renderings of a new paint scheme they were considering - I didn't ask for them, he just thought I might be interested (how nice was that!!).
I talk to Marc at every boat show in st.louis he goes over everything on what they are doing to prepare for the upcoming race season.
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Marc has uploaded a number of youtube videos that are worth a look if you have not seen them. I can't express more of how much this team gives out to thier fans, they go above and beyond, you don't see many race teams do what they do, I have my miss geico signed by Marc and Scotty, a crew shirt they mailed me with all the signatures of the entire team on it, like I said GREAT people who are extremely nice and down to earth!!
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