A Auckland, en Nouvelle Zelande, une dame agee s’est rendu dans la bibliotheque de son quartier pour y ramener un bouquin qu’elle avait emprunte il y a plus de 60 ans ! Deux etudiants de l'Universite de Washington ont invente des gants permettant de traduire en mots la langue des signes. Basee sur un commentaire d'une video Youtube, decouvrez l'histoire touchante d'un internaute (au pseudonyme de 00WARTHERAPY00) realisee par le cineaste americain John Wikstrom.
Les Etats-Unis ont declare la guerre au Royaume-Uni suite au clash entre le couple Obama et la reine d'Angleterre. Decouvrez les salaires des stagiaires de la Silicon Valley qui touchent 4 fois plus que vous !
Si vous cherchez un stage dans les mois a venir avec un tres bon salaire, nous vous conseillons vivement de postuler dans une entreprise de la Silicon Valley aux Etats-Unis.
Moins de onze ans apres son premier 13 Heures (en septembre 2005), Elise Lucet a presente pour la derniere fois le JT de la mi-journee de France 2 ce 29 avril 2016. I thought I would offer up a 22ft hull for anyone who wants it (see attached picture, Rhino and ACAD files). I would appreciate if someone with experience of this size and type of design would comment on it. It is not my skill but rather that Rhino (that I used for this hull) is really good at making developable surfaces. Location: LA Developable surfaces Houndie check your version of Rhino, they had a bug un-rolling surfaces until release 3, SR3c.
Location: LA 22 dev hull Jeff, I did a quick loft and un-rolled your bottom plate, see if your version of Rhino reads the attached file. The increase in size when you develop a surface should not be a problem but I am no expert on this. I less suspect the accuracy of the computer expanded plates as much as the nature of hand building hulls without stiff jigs.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. KIEV, Ukraine - In what took two days to run the 2nd Annual Grand Prix of Ukraine the third event on the UIM F1 H2O World Championship series turned out to be worth the wait. The drama began when American driver Shaun Torrente of the Qatar Team out maneuvered Finland's Sami Selio early in the race to grab the lead on the first re-start. The Mad Croc F1 Team driver has now proven he is totally recovered and is back on track to once again to challenge for a title by winning in front of thousands of spectators on the edge of the Kiev Sea. Philippe Chiappe of the CTIC China Team fought violently in the final few tours in hopes of making it three straight podium performances this season only to be turned back by Carella. The UIM F1 H2O World Championship now heads for China on October 1 where the series returns to lovely Liuzhou for the fourth round of the 2012 campaign. In 1973, Jim Drake sells his half of the patent to Windsurfing International, owned by Hoyle Schweitzer, for $36,000. SEATTLE - With the inside lane -- and the shortest route around the course -- in hand, David cruised to the victory on a hot, pristine day at Lake Washington to capture the Seafair trophy for the U-6 Oh Boy! It was also the fourth Seafair win for Oberto since 2007, when it won its first race on its home course.

Shane and Villwock were among four boats that decided to slow down and essentially park just shy of the one-minute buoy, hoping to steal inside lanes. The victory allowed David and the Oberto to surpass Villwock and the Qatar -- which had a 190-point lead heading into the weekend -- in the points standings.
We often have requests to explain factors that influence the working of performance powerboat hulls. Pads are usually part of a vee hull design as a method of increasing total hydrodynamic lift capability and increasing top speed. Learn how to design and setup your own tunnel boat, power cat, or modified vee hull for all Recreation, Performance Family hulls, UIM & APBA racing or even RC models. These new segments are added to the original STBD book features: The developments of the tunnel and V bottoms are interestingly chronicled, with detailed explanations of hull design, function, potential and characteristics. Performance Powerboat, RIB magazine, World of Powerboats, RaceBoat International, SEA Yachting, Extreme Boats magazines]. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Le compositeur americain Joseph Bertolozzi met Paris a l'honneur ou plus exactement la Tour Eiffel. It is simple and rather straight, 16deg deadrise, outboard hull with developable surfaces (plywood or alu). I made an effort to use low degree curves to create the surfaces thereby it is easier to keep them fair. Also, you cannot fair control points on the surface membrane stretched between two curves without making it non-developable.
Saying its a cone is a little simplistic, see the graphic where I projected the side shell past the chine and sheer of my deeper vee hull.
The deviation should be absorbed by most manufacturing process tolerance, I would guess even if you used a CNC machine. The bow waterlines could be slimmed by moving the forefoot aft or a more gradual turn up from the keel. Such assembly precludes the attainment of the tolerance of the NC cut parts during field assembly. Torrente controlled the race until another yellow flag came out and with less than six laps to the finish when Selio charged by Torrente when his engine broke sending Selio to win for the 10th time in his career and the first since December of 2010.
His victory gives him 41 points on the season moving him from fourth to second in the drivers championship.
The driver from Rouen was in a scrap with Italian Francesco Cantando of the Singha Team for most of the 37 laps with Franz finishing with a fifth place position at the end of the day. The North American aeronautics engineer improved the early design by Peter Chilvers and Newman Darby.
Victories in Seattle are suddenly becoming old hat for 85-year-old boat sponsor Art Oberto. David took a different strategy, deciding to circle around them a few times and hit the one-minute buoy at full speed, then get far enough ahead that he would have the five-roostertail cushion needed to grab the inside lane. The Oberto leaves Seattle with 5,817 points to the Qatar's 5,620 with races remaining in San Diego in September and Doha, Qatar in January.

There are dozens of design and setup factors that impact performance, and most of them also influence each other.
For a typical angle of attack for a boat at a particular velocity, the Lift is more efficient (better) with a pad of deadrise=zero, than it is if the pad has a greater deadrise (like, for example, 16 degrees). The drag of the zero deadrise pad is slightly more ( 30%) than the16 degree pad, but the lift is over 300% better than the 16 degree pad.
Since there is less lift with the higher deadrise pad, the hull needs more wetted surface area to support the weight of the boat. This unique book also details ten design steps for analysis of hull performance and stability showing how the calculations are accurately performed, as well as providing detailed information about their relation to hull performance. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Also the surfaces are of degree 1x4 (using 2x5 control points) which is key to make them easily developable.
The expanding plate question is a good one, I have done a lot of large aluminum hulls and do not provide shell plate geometry. Jim Drake learned from Darby's developments and upgraded the board and rig layout, as well as the universal joint which stands modern and used all over the world.
David tried the same move last week at the Columbia Cup in the Tri-Cities, but got there too early and was assessed a penalty, allowing Shane to win.
The win also continued what has been a late-career revival for David, who began racing unlimited in 1988 but had only four victories before 2005.
This is because the pad generates less efficient lift with greater deadrise, which is a bad thing.
So the zero degree pad has more drag, but it has MUCH more Lift - and so overall it is operating at much higher efficiency (2.4 times) than the 16 degree pad. The best way to process a developable plate hull is to fair the sheer, and chine (or chine to keel), loft a surface between the two and leave it alone. When I did this edge extension to yours it twisted which is ok as long as those lay lines don't twist or intersect within the section of the plate you are trying to un-roll. The good news is that most of these factors can be calculated at the design stage, and so we can design a boat or its modifications for the intended performance. Also remember, the angle of attack (trim), velocity and aerodynamic effects can also change the whole picture.
I have seen many designers try to get flair into the bow of a developable hull since they appear to bow out. BUT - the lift reduction is more dramatic (with increasing deadrise) than is the drag reduction (lift reduces more than the drag does).
Its just due to the bow shape being a portion of a cone, which is single curvature and the only surface it will accept to create flat patterns. I would like to hear others opinions about how much luck they have had with building from a computer shell expansion.

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