Lifestyle Integrated has proudly been supporting the recreational marine and power sports industry for more than 25 years on television, print and web. I BOUGHT IT 6 YEARS AGO TO PLAY WITH, BUT THE MOTOR HAD A TICK IN IT, SO I PARKED IT AND HAVEN'T GOT BACK TO IT.
This is a wonderful cruising, fishing, offshore, and fun vessel that is both safe and easy to maneuver.

During the early days, the company built a variety of craft ranging from sailboats to powerboats to race boats.
By 1936, the primary focus of the company was the construction of power boats and the company name was officially changed to Correct Craft. Despite the Great Depression, the company continued to grow, developing a reputation for building boats of superior quality and excellent performance.

These include a tach, engine temp, oil pressure, volt reading along with keys and button to start and shut off the engine.

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