2002 Checkmate 280ZT stepped hull powerboat (VIN: CHK46358G102), White gel coat hull with custom 5-color clear coated graphics by Mitcher T. Formula F311 SR1 Performance Boat Rated at 31ft but actual length with swim platform is 33ft.
Beautiful express cruiser with 450 Cummins diesel engines gives it plenty of power for recreation, fishing, or cruising. In this particular case, Hurricane Isabelle ran up the eastern coast and hit the marina this boat was stored at in Maryland, in which the waves beat the boat on the starboard side into the dock piling resulting in damage to the side of the boat and the interior walls of the bathroom (opposite side of the hull damage). Designated paved parking for 17 vehicles with trailers, overflow parking available throughout park. Not really a boat ramp here, just an area of packed sand you could launch a kayak or canoe at.

The 8th Street road forms a barrier across the bayou, with only a small culvert passing under it to the north part of the bayou and the bay.
People normally stay at the Marriott and park their vehicle there.Call for more information. We just performed a full service, fluid and lube replacement by a highly qualified powerboat dealer & service shop. Join thousands of others who are searching for and browsing High Performance Boats ads with our online system.
Parking for 8-10 vehicles with trailers just west of ramp, more parking in a field on the south side of the basin.City of Lynn Haven, FL operated park on North Bay.
Help a fellow fisherman out who is not familiar with your area and thatwill make it that much easier for you when you visit a new area.

Parking area across Church Street for approximatedly 5-6 vehicles with trailers, plus a parking area for vehicles with no trailer. You must park your vehicle with trailer at the marina, on the south side of the parking lot. There are 17 designated parking slots there for vehicles with trailers, but the paint has faded and the lanes are hard to see.City of Panama City owned marina and boat ramp.

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