Trucks sold through private sellers are almost always cheaper than those sold at a dealership and you don't have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics (for the most part). This cuts down on the possibility that the truck was abused or that it suffered damage that isn't reported on the title or by the seller. Sometimes, it's impossible to verify the number of previous owners, but it's always a good idea to ask.
If the truck has had more than two previous owners, you might want to consider taking a pass.Request All Maintenance Records.
When I purchased a used truck from a private seller in college, I was shocked to find that he had a binder filled with every maintenance record he had for the truck.
Oil changes, tire rotations, safety inspections and even truck parts purchased at the store were listed in chronological order with the original receipts.

This made me feel better about purchasing his used truck because I knew that he had kept spotless records. If a private seller has such records, you can be safer in assuming that the truck has been well maintained.Insist the Truck be Inspected. Before you hand over cash to a private seller, insist that your mechanic look the vehicle over.
Likewise, choose your own mechanic rather than trusting his.Look for Signs of Cosmetic Damage.
If a used truck has several dings, scrapes, dents and other cosmetic damage, it might be an indication of mechanical or body damage.
It isn't worth it to purchase a used truck when you don't know about possible damage.Obtain a CarFax Report.

Although this isn't a fool-proof way to ascertain a used truck's entire history, it will certainly turn up any major damage that's occurred. Never write a check for a used truck to a private seller unless you have taken the vehicle on a thorough test drive. If possible, drive on the highway as well as on surface streets and check for any strange lights.

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