Most hunters love their camo-clad duck sleds as much as the 4×4 trucks that pull them.
For a little bit more, you can purchase a custom cover and two different blind packages, which will help in putting you on the birds.
It’s always nice to put a personal touch on your duck boat, and Beavertail can do just that. The slick bottom and triple-tier chine glides in the shallows and will turn on a dime in tight spaces. Great amenities at a great price, that’s what you’ll get from the Gator-Tail Timber series.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this line of custom boats, then just stop looking. Available features include: dog ladders, a stabilizer kit for easier shooting, two-positional Double Island bench seating, gun racks and spotlight kits. Built to commercial-grade standards, the Lowe Frontier series offers added toughness over typical jon boats.
A SuperLock aluminum .100-gauge hull, constructed with durable cross ribs and a solid center keel ensure dependability for the most rugged of duck hunters.
This boat has a slick little ammo box so you don’t have to fumble around the deck, searching for dropped shells.
Are you sick of standing in a puddle of water while trying to shoulder your favorite shotgun?
With a wide-open floor plan, welded-in and sealed above the waterline, this craft has the same structure underneath as the standard X series. If you’re a fan of the War Eagle 2170 Blackhawk, but are looking for a paired down version, consider the 961.

Available accessories include: a 12-volt outlet, Tree Hugger attachment, dog platform and gun bracket.
The Gator-tail looks bad-ass when it comes to motor-size and perhaps the performance alone will deliver you through rivers and swamps. The modern crop of duck assault boats are unstoppable, tough, stable and so durable, if you choose wisely you won’t need another for a very long time. A durable .125-gauge hull is equipped with 5086 aluminum alloy, eliminating stumps, logs, ice or whatever’s keeping you out of a duck honey hole. Fill the Twin Gun Box and Open Floor Plan models full of decoys, dogs and your best buddies.
The pointed bow is specially made for high-speed impact hits, so the boat will bounce right off those pesky tree stumps. Five different camo patterns are available, including Mossy Oak’s Break-Up and Shadow Grass. Standards include a center keel for improved handling with smaller motors in tight quarters, a slightly raised front deck, added storage up front and enclosed fuel tank compartment in the rear.
A smooth aluminum floor, 4-foot front deck and plenty of storage space will have you smiling.
May we suggest the Gator Hide (not pictured here), which blends the benefits of a three- or four-man layout boat with the utility of a standard jon boat.
A large platform at the front of the boat is an excellent place for any accomplished water dog, awaiting the next triple. Pro-Drive’s SBX (self-bailing) series includes large scupper outlets along the floor, which will evacuate any water finding its way into the boat. SeaArk’s Extreme Turn Technology allows for sharp cornering in dense timber, or any kind of sticky situation that requires a quick maneuver.

The 961 is still a good-sized duck boat at 19?x61, so don’t be too worried about running out of room.
The HD Duck boats come equipped with a gun box, skid-resistant Xtreme Coat Liner, and Xpress or NatGear camouflage. As of today, April 29, 2012, I am yet to spend one single dollar on any problem, issue or malfunction.
Standard features include an all-welded hull, stern and sidewalls, two water-resistant gun boxes, a drop-floor in the stern for stowing batteries and a fuel tank, tapered front deck, flotation pods, foam-filled floor, front and rear exterior grab handles and built-in interior tubing for electronics wiring. With a solid base (60-inch bottom width on the 1860 SLD), the DXS line offers stability when shooting and retrieving those hard-to-find mallards. Standard equipment includes: center console with an insulated bait well (if you limit early), console handrail, 18-gallon built-in fuel tank, GatorHyde spray liner…you get the idea. These motors, drive train, steering column, and all the accessories and hardware are virtually indestructible.
You can store more than four-dozen decoys on the lower shelves and still have plenty of space.
In manufacturer testing, the SBX has been submerged under water—36-hp motor and all—and recovered completely once released. I've owned several boats on this top 11 list and there is NO comparison to a Pro Drive set up.

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