Inflatable rock climbing wall with tank themes This inflatable rock climbing wall in the theme and shape of tank suitable for players who likes military themes. Model: YHSP-01 TheYahottransom boats, which are the strongest and biggest group of boats, have been used by the military, for rescue, and commercially for many years. MCADS enable special operations forces members to rapidly deploy anywhere around the world in a maritime environment: anti-pirate ops, beach assault, forces infil and exfil missions may require the use of airdropped vessels.
Produced by Airborne Systems, the MCADS is the only system capable of delivering large RIBs by parachute-dropping them into the water.

The boat and platform separate immediately after leaving the aircraft and both descend to the water under their own parachutes.
We provide them for military and government agencies all over the world to deal with extremely harsh conditions.
It is made of the PRIBAD and PURIBAD airdrop platforms, attached to an extractor parachute used to pull the load from the aircraft cargo bay. Special forces parachute from the aircraft following the load, and land near the ready-for-use boat in the water.

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