To maintain the toughness and durability that Koffler prides themselves on, the Sea Dory is also built using 5086 & 5082 marine grade aluminum and at least 7 stringers that run the full length of the boat. We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle. Cheap to build or buy because of its simple lines, the Dory, a high-sided, flat-bottomed, sharp-bowed rowboat, was used in many New England fisheries by late 18th century. Its double-ended design enabled a lobsterman to row the peapod from either direction, usually standing up and facing forward. Although familiar as a pleasure craft today, this vessel began its career as a lobster boat. The advent of the gasoline engine served as the springboard for the development of the modern lobster boat, according to lobstering historian Richard Lunt. Much of this information about lobster boats was derived from Lobstering and the Maine Coast by Kenneth R.
Designed by John Welsford I worked along side a Senegalese cabinet maker to help him adapt his skills towards a new market: fishing boats. I want to show you my Dory Eurosport 13 with different marks which I use in the Netherlands.

It was on the lake for at least two years as has yearly licence disks on for 03 and 04 season. They came to us needing a boat that performed like a Pacific City Wooden Dory boat on the ocean, without the maintenance that comes with taking care of a wood boat. The Sea Dory comes in 20’, 22’, and 24’ lengths and is primarily designed for outboard power. These workboats owed their graceful lines, stability, and speed to generations of other Maine fishing vessels that plied the formidable Gulf of Maine before them.
Named for its double-ended and round-sided shape which resembled the garden vegetable, it was usually about 15 feet long, and it could carry more than a dory.
It also was double-ended, but it had a keel and was equipped with 2 spiritsail-rigged masts.
A cross between a Peapod and a Hampton boat, it was about 14 feet long with an open hull, and was "sharp in the bow, round- bilged, keeled, square sails well adapted for rowing or sailing." Both Hampton boats and Reach boats had a sharp bow that flattened toward the stern which made them adaptable for engine power. One man could manage its single-masted rig and haul traps unassisted, yet the boat could carry sizeable loads.
By the early 1900s, gas-powered lobsterboats gradually replaced many of the sailboats and rowboats.

I opened a photbucket account (which is free) as that is what a load of other people on this forum do. This boat is available in a flat bottom design for running onto the beach or a deeper V-bottom suitable for trailering. Easy to maneuver, spiritsails are fore-and-aft sails with a large surface area that are raised and lowered by means of a diagonal staff called a sprit. With a small forward cabin outfitted with bunks and a stove, and an open cockpit aft, it made fishing in cold weather much more pleasurable. In the 1880's these sloops ranged from 16-20 feet long but over time they became twice that long.

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