If your walls are getting bored and are crying out for some excitement, do give them a break, and a treat. The Australia-based design firm reproduces lively images from nature, retro video game visuals and other elegant decorative arrangements. Our Classic Line is characterized as one or two-color vinyl graphics manufactured from colored roll vinyl stock. Mirror Vinyl: films (Gold and Chrome) are a high-quality 2-mil polyester film that carrys a 2-year outdoor durability rating.
ShadeShift Chamelon: premium cast iridescent vinyl film with a dramatic color shift appearance. Don’t forget to get your one-time purchase of the Universal Overlay by clicking below!
Eliminating cartridge-specific overlays also enables us to make the cartridge packaging smaller, keeping cartridges at an affordable price point.
This move to a universal keypad overlay reflects our larger commitment to creating the easiest-to-use cutting machines and cartridges on the market.
Talk about something not being dated — I could live with that metallic floor in Photo #3 for a very long time. When the floor first went in to my mother’s bathroom we were very concerned we had made a major mistake because the surface was very slick even when not wet.
4-5 years ago, I caught a glimpse of the blue bubble flooring on one of the HGTV flipper shows – it was on a kitchen floor and it was only shown for a second. Someone else just mentioned this on the blog in a comment — how about FritzTiles in faux terrazzo.

Vinyl Designs offers some exciting alternatives to the old-fashioned and quite invasive wallpaper application through creative wall stickers. So you can have a few birds sitting on wall sockets, a pacman chasing around your sofa and flowers blossoming by your bedtime table.
Featuring designs and phrases for every room (and family member), you can make custom home decor, beautifully. With 50 fresh new designs and phrases, you can create vinyl wall art for every room in your home.
The new universal keypad overlay offers a consistent, simple format for all cartridges launched after August 1, 2013. I could live a long time withe any of those, but I don’t think hubby would let me go that modern.
Our mom, now in her 80s, was concerned that tile flooring might be too slick so we went on search for a vinyl flooring that might work. We’re hopefully adding a screenporch to the Hacienda garage, and that would be a great addition to our tiki theme!
Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products.
The styles range from vintage to modern, with sayings and artwork to suit every member of your family. Going forward, you’ll only have to learn, organize, and store one overlay, instead of a specific overlay for every cartridge.
She does have a small throw rug at the edge of the tub so she doesn’t step directly onto the flooring with wet feet.

It’s upstairs, and the floor moves a bit too much for tile (although how I want a lovely violet square tile!!). No idea what was there originally (previous owners did not take too kindly for my request for some pictures of the house in the 70s).
She likes to use bath oil in the tub so the rug also absorbs any excess oil on her feet and not the flooring. I suspect there is a red oak plank floor beneath the currently 25 yr old vinyl but i’m not sure (the builders used this throughout the upstairs so the oak is in all of the other rooms). If it’s not under there and is just subfloor, I want something cool but flexible to put down. Hard to see the colors accurately in the photo but the bubble flooring picks up the mix of pinks and is perfect! We use a dry mop to pick up loose items like dog hair and something similar to a wet swiffer to go over any water or dirty spots. My mom has a small boudoir chair in hers and the feet started almost immediately to leave an impression in the flooring. We purchased some of the plastic squares that you put under furniture legs to keep them from imprinting your carpet and those seem to have done the trick.

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