The only question would be, what type of software and designing resources would be needed to convert a picture into a plastic model.
I suspect that consumers could make doll houses, military campaign dioramas, what-if-rockets, Star Trek or other sci-fi ships.
But, having home-made, relatively cheap, custom-built 3D models is, IIRC, one of the "holy grails" of 3D printing. When I was in Shanghai last year, I visited a mall in People's Square, and stumbled upon a hobby shop.
As a hospital ship, USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) provides emergency, on-site medical and surgical services for U.S. I know they are at a sort of super Lego stage but I'm wondering when:-Warships may be viable. No more waiting for critical mass to trigger make and sale of a favorite ship or aircraft or other item.

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Carderock Division completed a fabricated model of the hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) on Jan. Please do not forget that you can add only object in the format *.gsm, included to zip or rar archive.
3D solids modeling in it is reasonably easy once one learns how to use it, and, a user who models the model thickness can get per-model mass and matrial quantity information. The 3D printed ship models require less assembly time and can be fabricated unattended, 24 hours a day.
How long before Bismarck is recreated?Who would you recreate if the money is available?Ian S. Having the models in hand would help me reevaluate my own efforts at my hull fairing in 3D, and the drawings, to scale, would be invaluable.
I just could not see how they expected that model to "fly" compared to those of the competition.

The Hobby City or Cyber something shop in SK let me see the inside of the box, and it was monstrously detailed, monstrously as in humongously and incredibly detailed and plentiful in pieces and runners.
How crappy or refined it looks depends solely on the quality of the printer construction, the choice of plastic or modeling material, and the complexity and level of detail of the model to be built. Soon, individual hobbyists who avoid copyrighted scale models and who generate compelling models of their own, and generate a satisifiable fan base could start a series of models, then turn game around in their own favor.

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