If you're looking for a simple and inexpensive cruising sailboat with traditional character, our FANCY FREE should fill the bill.
The FANCY FREE is an ideal boat for the couple who wants to do weekend or vacation sailing along coastal waters where shoal draft is critical. Because this boat is lightweight, FANCY FREE is ideal for trailering and pulling up on the beach for the night. Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats. Personally I vastly prefer centerboards, daggerboards or leeboards to the small fixed keel that the Weekender uses -- but haven't sailed either the Hartley or Weekend so can't speak to the comparison. I find the internal Wooden Boat Forum search engine to be pretty limited, as it doesn't seem to allow Boolean searches.
Paul, I was going to build the Vacationer and decided against it in favor of a real sail boat approximately the same size and has the ability to be trailered and stored in a garage. As you see the keel is very conventional, mine will have a slightly shallower keel (shoal keel) approx. The way I understand it - that's not really the boat you're building, but a somewhat similar, previous design? I've never seen any of the Hartley Trailer Sailers, but from the reputation and from looking at the drawings, they seem to be a much more serious boat.
When I started to question the design of the boat and possible modifications that some had felt the need to make on the Vacationeer, I just decided to not even bother and to get a real set of plans and build a boat the way I am use to and that is bead and cove strips and epoxy and fiberglass. Hartleys though are proper sailing dinghies (and bigger,) with a different design philosophy.
By the way, I knew an adult couple who cruised in a TS14 -- there was just room in the cabin for a berth down each side, and cooking (and just about everything else) was done in the cockpit under an awning.
Here is a link to Talking Points TS16 Association of SA which contains an article on building a TS16. I hope that I can be of some help to you, I have built and currently own a weekender that I have removed the cabin because the cotpit was to small and made it an open boat.

And I should have added, Paul, that if your home waters will be the lakes here, a Stevenson should be fine. Thanks Again for all your valuable help I think all things concidered, as I'm not planning a build at this stage & I do plan to go to the salt water ocasionally that I'll start looking for a Hartley. And The Weekender is a gravy holder that borrows around good ideas from the golden age of working canvas as well atomic number 33 some novel wrinkles from blank space old age materials and power.
Hull draft with board-up is just 8", yet the ballast gives reassuring stiffness in a breeze.
There's full headroom above the berths, plus the comfort of a settee with a hinged drop-leaf on the centerboard trunk. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I personally would have nothing to do with a Weekender and consider the Hartley boats to be vastly superior. I'm not saying you'd want to take a TS14 from Melbourne to Launceston necessarily, but if you tried you'd have a reasonable chance of getting there.
I shouldn't say that they aren't capsizeable because anything is ultimately, but you'd have a hard time doing so in weather that you'd be sailing in for pleasure.
I found places that mentioned the story but nothing that contained the name of the boat or the crew. All frames have straight contours using standard materials, and standard 4' x 8' sheets are used for the planking. The light displacement and large sail area makes this boat a surprising performer, even for the racing skipper.
The galley area is adjacent to the hatch for standing headroom and the portable head slides out from under the bridge deck for use. I have a mate who has one, and he still uses his a fair bit, but it seems that most folks grow out of them pretty quickly. But It's a great day outside today pitty its mainenance time, painted the mast yesterday with kill rust epoxy paint.

I suppose they look 'salty' enough with their faux clipper bows and all, and I know a couple of Forumites have them and love them. In a Vacationer or a Weekender there's a very good chance you wouldn't even get through the Rip, never mind across Bass Strait. Our various accessory kits include all the hard-to-find items required to equip your very own in "sail-away" condition. While not intended for long distance open ocean use, FANCY FREE, when heeled, forms a "vee" at the water for an exceptionally dry ride.
A portable ice chest is also located under the bridge deck, accessible from either the cockpit or from inside the cabin. But they're essentially skiffs-with-lids, and they rely entirely on their initial stability to stop them capsizing -- if you tip them too far you're upside-down with no way that I know of righting them.
Also, on Mike's comment re sailing to Launceston, I have bumped into people in very far flung places cruising on TS16's twice, one couple up in Indonesia somewhere (who had supposedly sailed it from Darwin??) and a French guy over in Turkey who had been living on his for over a year when I saw him in Kos. Exhibit of ampere DIY Homebuilt Sailboat based on Stevenson Projects Weekender weekender sailboat Build television List Weekender Boat Build Part modest Parts ship’s wheel handwriting rails rudder rudder box port weekender sailboat.
The gaff sloop rig is simple to handle and requires no expensive winches or special "go-fast" fittings.
Wood spars are detailed on the plans, however, we do recommend our Aluminum Spar Kit, especially if trailering the boat and for ease of maintenance. Anyone with first turn over knowledge of these boats real cool looking IMO simply how fountainhead does that full length keelson shape aforesaid something on. With all these advantages, we doubt that you'll find a more enjoyable boat to build, own, or sail.

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