Call Marina Mikes in Fort Myers, Florida (Toll Free) at 1-800-955-7543 or 239-216-7867 or Email Us for more information ! Additional Information: Hi, looking to get this boat back cheap, so I want to work with the actual driver, NOT brokers.
Obviously, I am seeking the lowest credible bid in lieu of my having to drive to Georgia and bring it back myself. How a transporter chooses to bring the load to Wisconsin is of less importance to me than remains finding an acceptable price. Additional Information: This item needs to be picked up in Lansing, KS and delivered to Savannah, TN.
Ron20-01-2007Question:20-01-2007Do you know if the pontoon trailer is roadworthy and ready for the trip (tires, wheel bearings, lites, etc.) ?

Do you have insurance that would cover damage to the boat if any unforeseen accident happened on the way here? We are a legal company based in Nebraska, and carry cargo insurance for 25,000 and 50,000 on hook plus 750,000 liability, and covers the load on the entire trip! For larger-heavier pontoon boats 20a€™-26a€™ or when you just want four tires on the ground rather than only two. Please view our profile and compare our experience and expertise in the transportation industry. WE ARE DOT COMPLIANT WITH INSURANCE AND DIRECT CONTACT WITH MYSELF AND DRIVER AT ALL TIMES. Ours may not be your cheapest bid but it will be your best as to the quality of guaranteed professional service that you will receive.

The address is 11149 39th St, Perry KS, if you want to check Mapquest to see if you would still be interested in picking it up.
Thank you for the chance to bid on your trailer and please ask any questions that you may have. MC# 571457 DOT# 1491960 These numbers are what a carrier needs to not only haul your trailer across state lines but also to insure it. My bid covers all tolls and fees that need to paid to the states that the trailer is pulled through.

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