If luxury, comfort, and performance is what you’re looking for check out our Lake Tahoe pontoon rental boats. Park and check in directly across the street from the West Shore Cafe at the Homewood Ski Area parking lot.
I would say yes ,but not as bad as this one Every person on that boat is an idiot, not just the driver.
I didn't notice the 3 in orange ,I was looking at something elseA  I just zoomed in ,the officer on the far right,looks like he has a drink in his hand .The officer on the left is on the radio .

I think they are in their own boat as they appear too far outside the toon to be on it, the front boat is just hiding theirs in my opinion. Tritoon boats have a 3rd pontoon, which increases maneuverability, stability, and performance. You gotta take some self responsibility, even if you've been drinking a lot, or you'll be in the Darwin awards.
Now someone isn't going to magically appear on board and sink it, but riding that low in the water, a good canon ball by Link and the wave would sink it!Or a wave from any passing boat.That's the nice thing about a pontoon.

No need to worry about operating the boat, navigating with maps, or the safety of your loved ones.

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