Like the 14'  and 16' New York Whitehall pulling boat, this boat is a classic design commonly built in the mid to late 1800's. I often find my mind wandering as I build a rowing rhythm and if you are not careful, you will find yourself miles from your launch site. If you are looking for a stable, comfortable boat that will not only give you a nice outing but a good workout if you wish, then this boat is most definitely worth looking at closely. The boat shown here is finished without any paint, and all coloring is natural wood finish. We have wanted to release the Whitehall Plans for some years now, however in our opinion, the chances of building success for all but those with significant building experience would be limited. So, almost two years ago as of the time of this writing, we began the planning stages of filming and finally, in the winter of 2012, the DVD set was done. This 4 DVD set begins with the making of the forms and building jigs and brings you on our journey of building the Whitehall boats right up to launch day. This product includes the DVD set "Building Whitehalls and Wherries"(discounted when it comes with plans and patterns). The New York ?Whitehall Plans create a classic pulling boat originally designed in the mid to late 1800's. There is a great deal of debate as to whether these boats get their name from a beginning in the Whitehall section of London, or the Whitehall section of New York.
Although the boat in the pictures has a midnight blue hull, it is made completely of cedar strips as you can see from the inside of the boat.
Regardless of the final touches on your boat, we are sure you will be happy with the end result.
If you think you would like a livelier rowing session, you may want to take a look at our 17 foot Whitehall.
With the advent of aluminum row boat, rowing a classic boat has become a pleasure that few remember. Our boat plans are for classic rowing craft, modified from their original workhorse origins.
If you are looking for a boat that you can lean so far over the gunwales that you can touch the water with your finger tips and still not tip over, then the Sweet Pea Pod Plans is a good boat to consider.

The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, located on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Hadlock WA, has announced its summer workshop schedule.
The Boat School will center its summer workshops around the construction of a classic American small craft, the 16-foot Whitehall pulling boat. If a workshop you would like to attend lasts for more days than you have available, that’s ok, too. The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding is committed to providing men and women of all ages a quality education in traditional wooden boatbuilding and fine woodworking. The School’s mission is to teach and preserve the skills and crafts associated with fine wooden boatbuilding and other traditional maritime arts with emphasis on the development of the individual as craftsperson. The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding was established in 1981 by Puget Sound Master shipwright Bob Prothero to teach and preserve the skills and crafts associated with wooden shipbuilding. The School strives to impart sound, practical knowledge in traditional maritime skills, using wooden boats as the training medium. Ladies and Gentlemen, I thought you might like to take a break and walk vicariously with me through the three shops here at the Boat School on a Friday afternoon - just before we begin sweeping up the shavings of the day.
We've begun framing the 1900-era 20-foot Crosby catboat (the same boat that Mystic Seaport built in '86). In the Contemporary shop, Bruce Blatcheley's students are readying the Nubbin dinghy mold for it's first hull. The Carpenter boat (profiled in Wooden Boat several issues ago) is being planked with marine plywood fastened with epoxy. Over in the Small Craft Shop, Tim Lee's class has the first of two Davis boats off the molds.
The 12-foot Grandy dinghy (foreground) and the 9-foot Grandy dinghy are being planked with western red cedar.
There's only one Monk Skiff left, now, a 14-foot model - the other two, a 12-footer and a 14 - have already been sold.
As we are in the business of helping people to build boats and not simply to sell plans, we decided not to release the plans without a thorough and meticulous DVD set, as it has proven to be so successful with our canoes.
The unfinished Monterey Pine sea chest shown below was built for a customer who wanted to paint the chest, install strap hinges, and his own Beckets, (rope handles).

Douglas Fir keel and laminated stem.  This ship was designed for a Turkish yacht club interested in group training. Pulling on the oars of a Whitehall, Adirondack Guide Boat or other classic rowing craft is an experience that will not dissapoint. Summer workshop students can sign up to participate in one or all of the nine different short classes focused on lofting, building, painting and fitting out this timeless craft. You do not need to take every class to participate – even if you attend just one workshop you will have a hand in building a working Whitehall. Participants will not be using large stationary power tools but, depending on the workshop, small tools may be required. Since then, over one thousand students have graduated from the School’s vocational programs, and thousands more have attended summer and community workshops, studying traditional maritime arts. The School hopes to imbue all students with the pride and satisfaction that comes from skillful work joyfully executed. If you look closely, you can see two of the four frames installed today right amidships on the starboard side. No mold release wax for this vacuum mold - it's cellophane tape and hairspray, believe it or not. The tradition continues today on the new Heritage Campus, located on the historic Port Hadlock WA waterfront. On the right side is the hinged lid to the small storage till that was common on many sea chests.The next two photographs are of a model of a 16 foot Whitehall pulling boat shipped to a customer in Australia. As an example, Lofting is a four day workshop but you have the option of attending only the first day if you would like and then more days if you desire.
Built at 2 inches to the foot the model is 32 inches long.This is a photo of the interior details of the Whitehall pulling boat model.
The plans for the table can be purchased from Fine Woodworking Magazine.The next photo shows a tool tray for the larger version of the tool chest.

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