It has three bedrooms the 1st of which is the Master with king bed, the 2nd also has a king bed and the 3rd a queen bed. Find luxury and comfort in our Tahoe Keys vacation home located in South Lake Tahoe, California. The Tahoe Keys community amenities provide guests with an indoor and outdoor pool, seven tennis courts, a health club and private beach. Here is just a small selection of the vintage Lake Tahoe images we have available for purchase. Gayle brings the same originality, passion and heart to her paintings as she does to her life. Gayle’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions throughout the United States. Gayle has been voted Best Visual Artist by the Sacramento News and Review, and Favorite Visual Artist by the Sierra Style Magazine.
Gayle relishes sharing her knowledge and passion for the arts .Her ability to express mood and emotion through her work, coupled with her professionalism and contagious excitement, ensures her clients receiving a successful and positive art experience. In July I retreated to create, studying labyrinths, circles, and lines, but I quickly knew I would find more joy in creating a bluebird to honor Mom’s bird.
In May 1999 I had a show of work expressing my deep grief and anger about Mom’s inability to show love to me (Mother Journey: Birthing Compassion).
I dedicate this work with gratitude to Mom, Debbie, Susan, Nancy, cousin Belinda (bluebirdbel) who flew away this month, art angel Di, and, especially, Aunt Frances and my dearest Randolph for their loving support. Each bluebird is unique, just as the birds are – the colors vary and the medium used varies as well.
Luckily, the vast inventory of boats for sale found on eBay make it easy to find the perfect watercraft for your needs. With a convenient location minutes away from local attractions, relax and stay entertained while on your getaway. Using rule-breaking techniques that set her apart from the crowd, she creates signature impressionistic works, using watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media.

The past of The Gold Country Fine Arts Center; she involves herself in the local art, education and business community. I had been working from afar with Debbie, a physical and spiritual healer, at the suggestion of my lifelong friend Susan.
I did many studies of it, then was drawn to create a pattern so the bird would always keep its simple shape. It was up over Mother’s Day, and the final piece, a diptych, was me holding my hands over my heart…and a white bird sitting on my Mom’s windowsill.
My prayer is that these bluebirds will carry on their wings a blessing of happiness for all who come into contact with them.
Fishing boats provide aerators, complete with remote pumping systems to keep your catch of the day fresh, as well as high-powered engines to get you across the lake quickly to where the fish are biting.
She is proud that her “Dreamscape Series” has been featured in Cheap Joe 2012 Art Catalogs.
Her qualifications and expertise, as an artist, talented teacher, curator, speaker, demonstrator and consultant are widely recognized and respected. Then, because of the blue, which relates to the throat chakra and creative expression, I felt she was supporting me to continue my artwork, which had been shut down for 10 years. In May I told my neighbor Nancy about my experience, and she asked if I had researched the bird. That work helped me gain a new level of compassion for her, but I soon found out I had much more work to do.
If you are more into playing on the water, a bowrider is ideal, with features that provide skiing, tubing, and even wake-boarding abilities. She had said my artwork was weird, so this felt so good, as if she now understood where it came from and what it meant.
That day I googled the artist and tracked down the original designer, a Californian living in the Ozarks. Like a child, I danced and jumped around giggling because it was hilarious and amazing that I was so inspired by something of Mom’s.

I am thrilled to be showing this work now to honor her and to thank her for her inspiration and the healing that has come through this little bluebird. But, if you are planning to stay on the water for longer periods of time, and are looking for used boats for sale that offer both comfort and function, a cabin cruiser is a great solution. Live Art Auction originally creating the framing program, talent training and acting as on air art expert. That very afternoon I decided to take a few more items from Mom’s treasures that had arrived from Tennessee. You can throw your anchor in the perfect cove, fish off the back, make dinner in the cuddy, sleep, shower, and even go to the bathroom onboard. As an on-air art expert she opened the show… Paying it forward is one of Gayle’s life goals. I pulled out a big ball of heavily-taped bubble wrap and impatiently struggled to open it, thinking…what IS this?! I feel she now knows me better than she ever did because her wall has finally come down, and I think she truly knows my soul and loves me as she never allowed herself to.
When you are ready to have some fun, cabin cruisers have enough power to pull a skier or a tuber across the lake at exciting speeds.
HGTV filmed and aired Gayle’s art wall for the show “Look What I Did” Gayle has been interviewed on radio, television, and been written about in many newspapers and art publications. Despite offering some of her things to friends as a memento, this little bird remained on her sunny windowsill as we packed her things. I didn’t want one more thing, but Mom loved birds so much and, as far back as I can remember, she ALWAYS had a bluebird house with residents.

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