Location: Eustis, FL In Canada you could get by with recoating every few years, with occasional touch ups to dings and scratches as needed. Here in Florida and other tropical areas, we need to recoat, sometimes more then once a year.
Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Spar urethane is my preferred finish for SMALL boats, too. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Looking good: now you have to make oars I guess?
Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada That's a point, although the first drawings were labelled flat-bottomed rowing skiff, so I just assumed.
Location: Ontario, Canada Well, the weather and everything else has been keeping me away from the boat.
Anyway, I've got the inside sanded (as best I can) and I've done some of the finishing carpentry stuff. It seems to me that the point where an oar mount attaches to the boat will see a lot of mechanical stress. Location: Eustis, FL Depending on what style and brand sockets you use, you'll want to beef up the gunnel in the general area. The oars are temporary store bought ones (I just HAD to go rowing) that I plan to replace soon. Anyway, I might post once or twice more after the oars are done (or if something breaks!) but I think this is a completed project.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. A free resorce to save you time searching for advice on wood boat construction maintenance and restoration, by a wooden boat enthusiast for wooden boaters. Blake Boatworks does custom wooden boat building, restoration of wooden boats, and boat plans. Brooklin Boat Yard is full service yard specializing in the design, construction, repair and maintenance of wooden boats in Brooklin, Maine. Carburetor rebuild kits, restoration services, parts, floats, choke parts and service manuals for American cars, trucks, machines and inboard boat applications from the 1920's to today.
Casco Bay Boatworks is a full service boatyard, specializing in custom new boat construction, finished fiberglass hulls and complete boat restorations, serving commercial fisherman, sports boaters and recreational boaters throughout mid-coast Maine. Sierra Boat is one of the oldest and largest Antique and Classic Boat restorers in the country.
Of course the quality restoration of wooden boats includes the fine craftsmanship and finishes, but it is much more than that.

Hey Mac, Finally getting settled in after last weekend want to make sure I say thank you to everyone at Sierra Boat Co.
The Globe Mastercraft, designed in 1945, was, according to Brooks Stevens, the first successful auto-styled boat ever put out on a production basis.
If a boat is light enough then a few coats of varnish or paint is all it needs, since it is light enough to be handled carefully and not fast enough to do itself a serious injury on a log or bridge piling. Some of you have made very nice and encouraging suggestions, for which thanks are in order.
Find and compare the best wakeboard boats by manufacturer, boat size, price, engine type, horsepower, technical specifications, ratings and more. We offer boat seats, pontoon furniture, pontoon carpet & flooring, accessories and parts for pontoon boats. It is our belief that once a boat has lost much of its original wood, it has also lost its soul. In order to restore a boat properly; you must research the boat as to correctness of wood, finish, upholstery and mechanical details. The interesting configuration would have probably been a commuter from Excelsior, MN to Big Island or a Great Lakes boat.
As the original drawing at the of the page shows (in Ezra’s story), the Globe picked up and developed the idea of the convex sheer line, wrap-around windshield and integrated hardware, and introduced a number of other new concepts as well, all of which, when molded together, added up to a speedboat that was years ahead of the competition.
It's no economy to use cheap stuff, unless you just like to watch it peel and flake before your eyes. I think that epoxy without glass is rather a waste of time, adds weight without adding much strength and still needs UV protection.
I had originally planned on having a pretty beefy counter part to the gunnel for the full length of the boat on the inside. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! In fact, Sierra boat which was established in 1952, has always worked on wooden boats because that’s what boats were made of in 1952. For this reason, we tend to preserve as much of the original boat and structure as possible. Because our shop is able to provide all of the aspects of restoration under one roof, we can control the quality of the project from stat to finish.
The slip accommodations were fantastic and best of all, the boating conditions were unbelievably good.
We hope for an early spring cruise while the air is still brisk and chilled or a fall leaf peeper late season tour.

However, it appears that the boat doesn't need it structurally, but is was also what I had planned mounting the oars on. I did try the oars over lapping, but found that they work pretty well even woithout an over lap. We have always had qualified staff to work on old woodies, so with over 50 years in business and over a century of combined staff knowledge, why would you take you boat anywhere else.
It's received one full sand down and refinishing in it's life since birth and several touches.
The distance from the lock to the end of the handle in this configuration is probably ~20". As testament to our work, our boats have garnered more awards at the Lake Tahoe Concours, arguably the toughest in the county, than any other restorer.
Then again it lives in a covered area, out of direct sun light, gets cleaned and wiped down regularly, is waxed a few times a year and minor dings in the coatings are treated promptly.
We utilize the latest technologies when reconstructing a bottom and take great care with is most important aspect of the boat. Chris Craft, Gar Wood, Hackers, Century and the largest assemblage of Rivas in North America. The coating needs to be redone again, as it's getting darker and I can see some minor wood damage (also darkening), but it's still the varnish job I did on it ten years ago. Most important, our bottoms are built to last with some of our earlier work being over 40 years old and still going strong. These boats are a great guide in helping us to correct antique and classic boat restoration. It has no epoxy anywhere on the boat, so maintenance of these coatings is paramount to the survival of the wood below it. I don't recommend a boat be done this way, unless you are willing to provide the care necessary. It has to remain covered, out of direct sunlight or you'll wish like hell you never thought of going all clear coat, trust me.

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