The marsh rat looks cool but you could get a lot more boat for the money they want for them. I have seen the marsh rats but would personally spend the xtra cash for a Nucanoe, they are bigger, more stable, can handle worse conditions, and can have a layaway style blind cover attached with opening doors and loops to add brush.
Thanks for showing me other styles of boats!  Going to add that website to my favoirtes.

While my boat only draws about 3-4" on step as soon as I add xtra people I loose my ability to go through the shallows. The distance you are looking to travel will also determine which one you want, a short paddle in a kayak is no problem but if you are hoping to go over a mile then the boat with a gas powered engine will get you there a lot faster.
Depending on the environment, big water, Columbia River, coastal marshes, the more boat the better, dont want to get caught in a storm in a vessel that is underated.

Keep looking on craigslist, I got my boat and trailer there last year of $350, threw on a motor that I had and was in business.

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