One of the most recognizable “wow” boats ever offered for sale is the Cobra by Chris Craft. Ever since Chris Craft figured out how to make money in a nation-wide depression economy every year since 1936, they then wanted to be THE boat builder for every man, woman, and family in the world.
For the underwater hull shape, Chris Craft used the same naval architectural lines of one of their existing boat models as the running surface.  They had already sold 503 of those hulls. To that underwater running surface they crafted a sleek, stretched, curvy bright finished planked mahogany boat that started at the bow as high, wide, and bold and then  tapered aft to nothing.
She was a 20’, 10” boat with only one seat, so naturally they put a big, loud, and bold 200 horsepower Hemi Chrysler in most of them.
Stan slyness Boats specializing in the custom building of Classic Wooden Boats since 1933 Each Stan Craft wooden gravy boat is designed and built aside hand using beautiful African Mahogany and powered. General Comments: Ruggedly built, with grace and elegance from an earlier era as well as modern construction, performance, and equipment, the Enavigo 39 is a modern yacht in the classical style.
Enavigo Yachts combine classical design features with high-spec modern equipment to build boats that boast more than the usual range of features.

The Yellow Cedar was a modern adaptation of 1930’s era Pacific Northwest cruisers commonly known as “Dreamboats”. At her half-load displacement of 8300Kg the P39 will cruise at 10 knots using approximately 16 litres of fuel per hour. Construction of the P39 utilizes multiple planking layers on a combination transverse and longitudinal laminated mahogany frame. The arrangement of the P39, starting from the bow; furthest forward is a large storage locker for anchor chain and deck gear.
Out the deckhouse door is the covered aft deck area with additional seating and a removable table. Ruggedly built, with grace and elegance from an earlier era as well as modern construction, performance, and equipment, the Power 39 is a modern yacht in the classical style.
We would like to invite you to come and visit us at our shop and warehouse near Minneapolis, Minnesota.
A few Chris Craft Cobras topped that engine with an even more powerful 285 horsepower Cadillac Crusader from Detroit car dealer Cal Connell.

Passee gravy holder Center is group A agent of classic and wooden boats including Chris old-hat Boat Center was established in January 1990 as angstrom boat sales Among the hundreds of classic wood boats. Using the latest production technologies we offer well-made, seaworthy and aesthetically pleasing wooden boats that stand apart from vessels crafted with today’s more modern materials.
Mitch travels a lot buying and delivering boats, so be sure to give us a call and plan your visit for a time when Mitch is in town. West System bottom, new chines at water line, all brightwork has been re-plated, bimini top, 350 1974 Caprice police interceptor (Holly 4 b) with brand-new intake manifolds.
Dash gauges are restored, steering wheel restored, new bottom paint, new varnish, ships sides (interior slatting) is nearly perfect.
In adapting the Dreamboat to modern use I have increased the beam and with the P 39 added a hard chine-vee bottom hull form for better initial stability and excellent performance at higher speed.

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