In the Summer of 2008, My buddy and I built a raft out of wood and plastic barrels and traveled 187 miles down the Sacramento River. We put in at Red Bluff which is where the last dam is and floated 187 miles to just past Sacramento, where tidal flows start to effect the river and make it have almost no current. In my neck of the woods (Key West), we call that a chug, and it would have 15-20 migrants on it. In 2006, 3 friends and I did a similar trip down the Mississippi to raise money for the American Cancer society. Amazing mainly because of all the beautiful women and lovely scenery, but other than that it was mostly horrible.

This skiff was designed and built to meet the U S Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety Requirements. Hand made folk art river boat, found in Mississippi, 17" tall at the top of the mast, 25" long, and 6 " wide. Set out at 8am in with my friend and I in a small blow up raft holding a cooler between us, and our two other friends in inner tubes. My best friend and I had planned to do the same thing (different river) and collected the barrels, got a couple pallets to use as the platform, and then life happened and we never build it.
When I got home I wanted to make one to go fishing then I remembered that I didn't have any plastic barrels just randomly laying around and enough rope.

Seems a little bit longer and includes lots of lock and dams to assure imminent death if you sleep too much. I was scared out of my mind every time we went through a fast-ish part of the river, since we had no life jackets.

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