With our repairs, restorations, and refinishing we pride ourselves on using traditional methods and materials.
Other local builders also built Fowey Rivers, Percy Mitchell at Portmellon, Watty in Fowey, and by 1965 the fleet had reached 36 boats. However, there was an underlying interest in the boats, they could be used for racing, rowing, taking the family to the beach for a picnic, put an little outboard on the back and motor up the river on the evening tide to Golant or Lerryn, a multi purpose little boat. We have just launched numbers 63 and 64, our ninth and tenth dinghy of this class, with another on order, and are pleased to have nearly all our boats return to us annually for their re-varnishing and fitting out. I work mostly with traditional designs: wooden rowing boats, sailing dinghies, keelboats, motor launches, beautiful wooden yachts and dayboats in clinker, carvel or strip planked construction.
I also specialise in the production of wooden masts and spars, including booms, bowsprits, gaffs, sprits, and wooden flagpoles to your exact specification. Please check my recent Blog posts for wooden boats being built or wooden boats for sale as well as other workshop news.
If you’d like to read more about my background and wooden boat building career then go to About Marcus.
A boat builder for the past 25 years, Steve Balcer has become well versed in building newer-style wooden boats and restoring older vessels.

Over the summer we have completely restored an original Uffa Fox designed National 12 sailing dinghy.
Once through our front door you take a step back in time and experience this fascinating art of wooden boat building, a rare time-honoured tradition from the early part of the last century. We will maintain the traditional integrity and appearance of your family’s wooden boat with the special care and attention it deserves. The Fowey River class dinghy is based on the Yachting World 15′ knockabout dinghy designed by Reg Freeman in the late 40s and the plans were published in Yachting Monthly to try and encourage people to build their own boats. Second Hand Fowey Rivers do come on the market – contact us for latest information and advice, and arrange a trial sail. We also undertake fitting-out work, spring repaints and general maintenance and repairs on Wood and GRP boats, yachts and dinghies. I also have a great interest in Troy Class yachts and the Fowey River Class dinghies, both of which are raced and sailed in Fowey Harbour. As you navigate around you will find photos and details of these lovely boats – just select your area of interest from the slide menu above.
That’s why his most recent project — to build a three-quarter scale replica of a 1930’s race boat from scratch— was one of his biggest challenges to date.

If you have found an old wooden boat in a field or an old barn we can restore it to its former dignity under the hands of our skilled craftsmen. In the 1950’s, Hunkins Boatyard at Polruan built one for the local dentist, and others soon followed, with 15 boats in the fleet by 1957. Taking three years to complete the craft, it also registers as one of his longest projects ever.“I wanted to build a boat like this because it’s very unique from what I typically build,” said Balcer, of Munger, who considers himself a self-employed specialized handyman. The legacy of the original Muskokan boat builders is still revered by us and we stay true to their original style.
Balcer’s model is 20 feet long.The original boat was owned by Zalmon Guy Simmons, owner of Simmons Mattress Co. As the story goes, Simmons’ wife told him it was a sin to purchase a boat at that cost, and so, the vessel got it’s name.The original My Sin was equipped with a 650 horsepower Miller V16 aircraft engine that produced speed of more than 100 mph.

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