We are specialists in the construction of wooden masts and spars for classic sailing boats and vintage dinghies. Some of our spars are constructed from one piece of timber, others can be four, six, eight, or more pieces depending on length and requirements.
Examples of our work can be seen on many boats on the river at Fowey, and other harbours around the country. Masts, gaffs, sprits, bowsprits, topsail spars, gunters, spinnaker poles, whisker poles, booms, made, repaired, restored.
Other local builders also built Fowey Rivers, Percy Mitchell at Portmellon, Watty in Fowey, and by 1965 the fleet had reached 36 boats. However, there was an underlying interest in the boats, they could be used for racing, rowing, taking the family to the beach for a picnic, put an little outboard on the back and motor up the river on the evening tide to Golant or Lerryn, a multi purpose little boat.
We have just launched numbers 63 and 64, our ninth and tenth dinghy of this class, with another on order, and are pleased to have nearly all our boats return to us annually for their re-varnishing and fitting out. The Jiffy V-22 is the result of the many requests I have had from builders who liked the character and appearance of the Jiffy 22, but who needed a soft riding hull for more exposed waters. The plans include six large sheets of drawings, showing the hull at various stages of construction, full size details, cabin layout, and other information. Includes blueline drawing and booklet describing all the Jiffy designs and their construction. The epoxy kit comes from System Three Resins, and provides you with all the resin, hardener, fiberglass cloth, additives, measuring pumps, brushes, rollers, and other items that you will need. Troy Class Yachts have been built in Fowey Cornwall since 1929.  The first Troy was built as a one off by local Fowey boatbuilder Archie Watty. The start of the 1930 season saw six identical boats on the water , and a meeting was held to discuss the formation of a class. The owners of these six boats were the real high flyers of the town, Sir Charles Hanson, former Lord Mayor of London, Mr Strong, the Lloyds bank manager, Dr Moore, had Troy no 3 built, Mr Treffry the local squire, had Troy no.4 . This was the beginnings of the Troy class, and these boats have been racing around the harbour ever since. In the last six years, Marcus Lewis has built four new boats, to bring the fleet up to number 28. From the time the first colonists settled in Cupers’ Cove (now Cupids) in 1610, Newfoundland culture, heritage, and survival has revolved around the North Atlantic and its bounty. The stunning Battle Harbour Historic Trust Inc., which is being featured this month on the cover of enRoute magazine.
We can produce solid or hollow spars to suit your specification, using top quality, specially selected timber, and modern reliable adhesives.
The Fowey River class dinghy is based on the Yachting World 15′ knockabout dinghy designed by Reg Freeman in the late 40s and the plans were published in Yachting Monthly to try and encourage people to build their own boats.

Second Hand Fowey Rivers do come on the market – contact us for latest information and advice, and arrange a trial sail. In this method the hull is built upside down over a series of bulkheads and temporary frames. Full size patterns, printed on Mylar, show the stem, transom, bulkheads, building frames, girders, and other items.
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Racing in Fowey at the time consisted of a mixed fleet of various handicapped dinghies and Sir charles Hanson, from Fowey Hall, wanted a boat for his daughter to race competitively.  Archie designed and started building an 18’ boat, with a lead keel, in the winter of 1928. Sir Arthur Quiller couch was Commodore of the Royal Fowey Yacht Club at the time, and had written novels based on Fowey, renamed Troy town, and he was approached for permission to use the name Troy for the new Class of yacht.
Amethyst, Troy no 5 was built for the local shipbroker, Mr Samuel, and Troy no.6, Ruby, was built for the local solicitor, Walter Graham. Spending time at The Wooden Boat Museum in Winterton gave me an idea of what life was like in the outport communities back when people relied on the land and sea to survive. Battle Harbour remains one of the few communities where you can truly disconnect from it all. In the 1950’s, Hunkins Boatyard at Polruan built one for the local dentist, and others soon followed, with 15 boats in the fleet by 1957. Also included is an illustrated building manual, which takes you step by step through the building process.
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During construction, the local bank ,manager, Mr Strong called in, and was so impressed with Archie Watty’s design that he immediately ordered one for himself. The Wooden Boat Museum in Winterton I started the day by wandering around the museum looking at the different types of wooden boats. The plywood bottom planking is glued and screwed or nailed to the girders, and to the keel, chines, and bulkheads. It includes specifications, a list of materials, sources for marine plywood, and other information. First published 1999 Indian gathering of Builder of CLC is to you the many manufacturers of CLC boats each wellspring bit other arsenic wood boat building. Both of these boats were on the water for the 1929 sailing season, and although sailing in the handicap fleet, performed very well.
The result is a very strong, light hull, with the strength concentrated where it is most needed, in the bottom. This website is hosted and edited apart from the tie holding the sauce coming of axerophthol together invest upheavals for advice on building and restoring wooden boats and angstrom Wood Boat Building Forum-5.

So well infact, that four other competitors from the dinghy fleet ordered new boats to the same design for the next year.
The museum, and the friendly folks who run it, opened my eyes and gave me a serious education on a topic I knew literally nothing about. The absence of framing elsewhere helps make the most of the accommodation space in the cuddy cabin. With Bibles books Lords day day of school kudos film and game music songs that reflect this paginate organized religion has simple ideas to share the word and the pleasure of undecomposed essay at good Shepherd and God with the children.
Howard Cooper, museum researcher, and nicest man alive, gave me a personalized tour of the museum and helped me comprehend the hard work, time, sweat and tears that go into wooden boat building.
By using insightful displays and artifacts, he showed me, from tree trunk to paint job, how truly labour intensive the process is, and how boats differ depending on community. But not too many years ago they sustained entire communities by allowing people to use the natural resources from the forest to build a personalized fishing vessel. Jerome is the guru of wooden boat building history and construction in Newfoundland and Labrador. We chatted about the personal connection a builder has with his boat because it’s so physically demanding.
From chopping down the wood in the forest, to sawing, shaving and bending it to the right shape – the entire process becomes an extension of the builder. That said, no two boats are alike, which means every wooden boat is as unique as the person who made it.
Jerome works on his latest boat What I found truly fascinating about our chat was that nothing about boat building was ever written down. It was a craft passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth and from learning by observing. The view was utterly iconic, as fishing stores perched on stages, surrounded by wooden boats tied to the docks. I watched from a distance as a man in rubber boots loaded up his wooden boat, untied it from the dock, and sped off towards the narrows of the harbour. That’s why places like the Wooden Boat Museum are so important, as are the boat building workshops they provide. Learn more about Jerome and the tradition of boat building in Newfoundland and Labrador in this informative vignette.

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