Hung from the crane we get a good view of the hull of the Old Sailing Peapod; whose plans Howard Chappelle shows as ASSC #84. The backbone is setup on the Beetle Cat mold (which all Beetles have been built on since 1946!).
The hull is faired, caulked with cotton(which is specially made and imported to us from the Netherlands), plugged, and sanded. Forward parts(mast step, mast partner)are fastened in and deck structure and natural cedar cockpit are installed.

Off to final paint and varnish, hardware is added to the deck, mast and rigging is checked for fit, and the Beetle Cat is ready to go!
With a community's help on Martha's Vineyard and the tireless and skillful efforts of a young couple as they refit HEART'S DESIRE - new life for an Alden schooner. Really a classic shallop, 15' long, this boat is very reminiscent of the Beetle "No Man's Land Boat". He started out with a sail with Mark Williams in Wareham, MA and then hopscotched along lakes and rivers all the way to Port Townsend, WA.

The atlantic white cedar planking is also steamed, bent, and fastened to the ribs with #8x1 domestic bronze wood screws.

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