At South Shore Boatworks, master craftsman Bob Fuller will complete your boat project to perfection.
I stand by bertho in that the vessel Yok Yor launched 10 years ago from Pulau Duyong still looks like new. The ultimate dream is for a 12 - 15m perahu pinis, one that a 1.50m-something, 50kg girl can handle.
Financial situation tells me that it is possible to get into action by May next year, and I would like to prepare for this as best as I can before heading off to the land of gado-gado & tempe. Hopefully my financial problem can be settle at end of this year( court hearing done )then I will seriously pursue the boat construction next year. Ari,--- harry Ria is a bit misserable here in Langkers I dont understand why we have to suffer such appaling vegitables when Thailand is just what 6KT miles away. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Muriel was a product of the turn of the century engineless era and is very deep and beautifully balanced.
When Tim Phillips bought "Muriel" from Andy Johansen, her hull, typically planked in full length New Zealand Kauri, was in good condition but there was still three months work to bring her back to original condition. X You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. I've had the honor of being invited onboard, god knows how many tons of drool I spilt over the decks as she is a BEAUTY. In her working life, "Muriel" wore out twenty-eight mainsails and Tim believes that she has sailed well in excess of 300,000 miles - not bad for a boat that measures just 26' by 10' by 33".
This unique history is carried forward by our team at the Wooden Boat Shop who have spent thousands of hours crafting, detailing and refining the building of these flag ships of our business.
He even declined to discuss about my dream until I explained to him that I had kept aside some funds for my retirement days..!

Her original owner, Gus Johnson, sailed her for only eighteen months before passing her on.
I've been picking up so many tips from here that I felt that it's time to make a small contribution of my own. The second owner, Andy Johansen renamed the boat "Muriel" after his sister who loaned him the money to buy her. As I don't have any experience of building a boat before, a practical boatbuilding plan outline seems like a good start.

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