South Shore Boatworks, founded by Bob Fuller in 1990, specializes in custom boat building, finishing and restoration work on wooden and fiberglass boats.
All projects are performed without subcontractors - with an emphasis on very high quality work.
Kass has managed to carve out a niche, successfully building wooden boats for working class fishermen in a time when most have switched to fiberglass. Kass’s history with boats began at 17 when he graduated from high school and went down to Urbana, Va., to work in the boat yard of John L. In 1981, he heard about two acres of land for sale in South Bristol on the steep banks of John’s Bay. That winter, Kass and his crew built the Sharon Roseanne, a 46-foot wooden lobster boat that changed everything.
In 1990, fate and chance brought change to John’s Bay Boat once again when a respected fisherman out of Stonington named Bob Williams stopped by the boat yard. Just like so many other fishermen in the ’80s, Williams had bought a fiberglass boat, a Duffy 35, and had been fishing out of it ever since.
When asked what he thought about the belief that wooden boats are more expensive to build and harder to maintain than fiberglass, he shook his head.
Despite all of this, Kass admits that he’s worried about the future of wooden boat building in Maine. He said he thinks the problem is a reflection of the changing times, seen in the attitudes and interests of young people in the state. Kass said that he never wants to actually retire completely, but in 10 years or so he’d like to have someone step in and take over where he could take some time off if he wanted to. In a world of fiberglass, Kass has managed to keep his heart and his craft in wooden boats. Building a Wood Duck 12 - Laszlo's Pan-Galactic Homepage Building a Wood Duck 12 The Wood Duck 12 is a recreational kayak from Chesapeake Light Craft .
Location: Arlington, WA-USA I have seen many people mix strip planking and stitch-and-glue on the same hull. Originally Posted by Gone Ballistic - If the frames are permanent is it ok to 'tab' them to the cedar shell and glass in the squares between framing? Location: WNY I believe that the OP wanted to piece in the interior sheathing between the frames so I believe TD hit the mark on that one.
Location: Hampshire UK Mixing a strip plank bottom hull to ply upper is a technique used on lots of small dinghies.
The second part about removing the frames and retabbing them later should work OK as long as you put 1-2mm of polythene, polyprop, or other non stick surface on top of the frames. Don't forget any limber holes you may need to get good drainage though from any areas that cannot be easily accessed and bailed properly. As for could moulding a section, I did consider it, say fwd 3rd of bottom, but my perception of cold moulding is that it's the most difficult of the 3 techniques?
My stem is a little more vertical and develops the deadrise all the way aft with a half metre run at 12degrees to the transom. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Precut Plywood Kits Available for Storer Boats – UK, Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa.
Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. A number of companies can cut kits for some of my boats in Australia, North America and the UK. David is a professional woodworker and was also the first builder of the Goat Island Skiff in North America.
David also does boat repairs, fitouts, sparmaking and complete builds and non boat production work.

Currently supplies kits for the Quick Canoe and Quick Canoe Electric to the USA and Canada.  The kits are not just precut plywood but contain all the timber to build this simple canoe.
Duckflat can supply materials packs for any boat, but also precut plywood kits for the Goat Island Skiff, the PDRacer, The Eureka Canoe, the Handy Punt and the Quick Canoe.  They also can supply foil and mast blanks ready to be final shaped and epoxied. Fyne are my main plans agent in Europe and the UK and also have put in a big effort in making all my plans and kits available. Alec will cut almost anything you need.  But in the past he has cut some Goat Island Skiffs. Roy has cut out several Goats and a couple of Eureka Canoes.  South Africa has a similar high performance plywood boat culture to Australia and New Zealand. Guest625101138 Previous Member   If stability is an important criteria for a 12ft boat that is being rowed then you should consider a catamaran.
So a 12ft cat would be more like the col_cat pic but Rocat shows the sort of sea conditions that a cat will take. However now I think I'd like to add a Reclining seat back to my rowing seat for those times when I'd like to rear back and rest. But those little Aluminum semi-V's are much worse for an old fart because they fill with water so easily, even if they dont flip.
Looking at shortening it to 10 ft, raising the bow curve for better shore ramming and maybe some other stuff.
If I had a little guy sitting up front, your angle would keep his weight from steering the boat.
If I could draw, or use your CAD program, I'd show you what the seating arrangment I think I'd like. This works great, and when I get another boat this is what I want to do for the rowing seat. The owner of John’s Bay Boat Company in South Bristol is the first to admit he wasn’t much for school, and he knew he didn’t want to go to college.
His success is defined by the idea that a custom built wooden boat can make a long day out on the water feel a little less harsh on the body. When he heard that Bruce Cunningham of Padebco Custom Boats in Round Pond had landed a wooden sailboat to build and was looking for another guy to help out, he took the opportunity.
More accustomed to the huge yards at Harvey Gamage and Goudy & Stevens, Kass saw how small-scale boat building could really work. He had been referred to Kass by the renowned boat builder and designer Carroll Lowell of Yarmouth, who had become a friend and mentor to Kass. His boats and his reputation among these tight-knit fishing communities are his biggest assets. I could teach someone so much more than a boat school could, if they’ve got the interest.” He hopes that something will work out, that someone with the ability and interest will find his or her way down the peninsula. I'm designing the hull and will be creating the plywood CNC files to 'kit' the design, primarily to make it easier for me to build. I anticipate the frames, longs and topsides being ply, however to get the shape I would like the bottom to be strip cedar.
Leaving the inside unsheathed is not advisable, as the true strength of the combo is the outer skins, with the central cedar playing a minor roll.
The outside could be completely glassed but the inside skin would have to break under every frame as it can't be glassed continuously with frames on the shell. My gut instinct is that the thickness of the glass, say 450gsm, would not be enough to worry about trimming the frames?
There are designs with heavy sheathings that are structural and these do carry more of most of the loads.
I like the method because it uses basically traditional wooden boat building techniques with less glass & epoxy than a true skin stressed sandwich would use for the same strength. There is a chine flat to add lift and help ensure the ride is dry" As you can see Phil does an interesting flattening of the bottom arc towards the transom - easy in strip building.

They have spent time developing the first BETH Sailing canoe kits (recommended for experienced dinghy sailors only).
If I see something I like I'll doodle with it and see if I can come up with something I can build. Also, I can mount the battery up front with your design and that little bit of weight wont steer the boat.
This one could use some engineering and if I'd have thrown a little more money at it, maybe t could even be better.
I'd make a piece of aluminum or steel shaped in a triangle with the lower wheels exactly between the uppers. He came to Maine in the early ’80s, worked for a time at Harvey Gamage Shipyard in South Bristol and then for two years at Goudy & Stevens in East Boothbay. After a short stint storing boats, he hired his first crew and in 1984 built his first boat, a 24-foot inboard power “lobster-style” pleasure boat. He was getting four or five inquiries every day but in the end, he wasn’t able to find anyone. Whether you want to build, buy or browse, we are your one stop shop to fulfill all of your wooden boating dreams.
Duck Flat Wooden Boats If you don't find what YOU are looking for here, please email or call us and let us know.
I have lots of experiencing of 'kitting' aluminium boats as it was my old job, so that bit is OK. In a skin load analysis, the inside skin, in tension, is the more important where beam or plate strength is involved. An alternative if the double curvature or non developable part is relatively local, is to cold mould that specific small area.
I'm looking at a 40hp outboard, and would like 30kts at WOT, I'm just a bit concerned that all the wetted area will slow her down too much if I keep the forefoot in the water. There's no change in attitude from 9kts on up to 27kts & very little from rest to planing. I want the bottom to be flat and wide so I dont tip this one over as I have in the past with the V-bottom boats. Building type A wooden sauceboat from number expunge Crataegus oxycantha levelheaded axerophthol bite daunting, just if you rich person DIY sauceboat building plans with you this daunting project getsDuckhunter Wooden Boat Plans Gator Boat Co. Doing as you suggest and patching the visible sections is a compromise which may work and may not. Once the strips are in place, glued up, faired and glassed, then pop it off the frames, glass the inside, plane down the frames and re-mount the bottom and continue with the build, permanently mounting the bottom to the frames etc. 95% of our trips are out through the Golden Gate into exposed coastal waters with Pacific swells, out there we slow down when we start to get airborne.
Wood Boats You Can BuildBertaut Thousands of these classic boats, the traditional wood pirogue, have been built by Cajun French.
Personally I would lay up the bottom as a whole separate piece, then do the rest as a stitch and glue project, including the bottom as one of the parts. If, and only if, the criteria is puncture resistance then the outer skin is the more important.
In Phils design I question the use of a fixed shaft in these conditions - I wonder if the lack of trim & rudder steering would make handling less controllable? Kass’s latest project, the 46 foot long Resolute, was launched on May 16 for Ryan Larrabee of Stonington.

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