Location: British Colombia Canada wooden decks Thought I would post an example of replacing a teak deck with a mahogany deck. Location: Eustis, FL What was that teak veneer layed in on the original deck?
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. This week’s show is 3 interviews I did while at the 1st Annual Port Townsend Pocket Yacht Palooza in May. Click on the green player button above to listen to the interviews and hear some fun stories and interesting people. Click HERE to subscribe to my email news list for the latest and greatest fun stuff and click on one of the buttons below to subscribe to my show. Barina Craft’s home bar furniture is nautically inspired by the grace and elegance of classic wooden boats and so is this new age yacht. Dark walnut stained covering boards accent the mahogany striped deck on this modern speed boat which pays homage to classic wooden runabouts from the top down. Below the surface of the water is a technologically advanced fiberglass hull that rides smooth and stays dry without the time consuming and costly maintenance typical of boat bottoms constructed solely from wood.
Regardless of whether you have the luxury of a boathouse attached to your cabin or not, it won’t matter if you run about the lake in this hybrid vessel. Multiple end products, distributed free by you or one client, up to 250,000 copies (unlimited for web).

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Location: eastern United States wooden runabout deck seam alternatives, solutions I have tried numerous alternatives over the years with pretty good success, but this time around the use and storage of the boat will be entirely different. I have used the cedars and even the cypress in the wider boards, which has worked out pretty well. Location: Milwaukee, WI Deck seams on a planked deck should be caulked with a flexible compound.
Originally Posted by gonzo Deck seams on a planked deck should be caulked with a flexible compound. My only issue is both the increased area of dark mahogany, which the planks will be with the narrower required strips in semi tropical conditions and the sun beating down even on a semi tarped decking. Location: Milwaukee, WI Showboats are different in that they don't get weathered like boats in normal use do. The CC Riviera pictured is dry stored on a trailer on a blacktop parking lot all summer with a tented, tan, full-length cover. Wider planking or thicker planking has more tendency to shrink and swell enough to split grain along the seams. It appears the caulk lines held up fairly well, but the goo that held the teak, not so much (typical). This application will be stored outdoors under a vented cover during the bulk of the summer heat, so several methods such as tinted epoxy may not be the absolute ideal setup.

But with the planks being all mahogany, using either wood in smaller widths will probably not be the ideal solution here, IMO. If you know or have any buddies that has some time of their wooden runabouts with simular designs, please step up and type a few words of wisdom for me.
But it must hold varnish and i have never liked the cupped sections which puddles the finishes, which seems to always take place with flexible stuff.
We are probably dealing with the worse of the worse, not because of the UV as much but the added heat buildup and the night cool down. We built it in 1991 and have refreshed the deck finish just twice (not refinished but recoated) mostly due to the repair of inevitable nicks and dings. I want to build a community of people from all over the world who want to connect, learn, share stories and photos, and have fun with wooden boats. Most of the decks are also laminated to plywood with epoxy glues, which leaves the entire component a cold mould style layup. In some cases I've seen them screwed from below, but the vast majority are just stuck in goo.

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