General Comments:The 44' express design is the fourth boat I have collaborated with Memory Yachts on, first the 38', then the Displacement 43', a 29' Express, and now the new 44 Express. The beam is less than that of most contemporary yachts, and this is for a number of reasons. Her bottom is a modern modified-V, with deadrise decreasing from 23 degrees amidships to 12 degrees at the transom. The hull and deck are molded fiberglass, the interior layout and bulkhead placement are owner's choice.
At this point, i am trying to identify shipyards that build wooden boats (all over the world) but it is rather difficult (i guess mainly cause these shipyards work in a more old fashion model so they don't use internet for their promotion).
Location: Washington You might want to try posting this query on Wooden Boat Forum.
Originally Posted by alexandros As far as i understood your company builds boats and i assume you are a naval architect. MacLear & Harris, Yacht Designers » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Do you need Boat Builders? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. A great birthday gift idea for any little boy, this white and natural wooden finish toy box comes fully personalised and is handmade in the UK. All brand names, product names or trademarks used in this website are recognised as belonging to their respective holders. My question is: I was thinking of building the frames mostly of plywood, and combining the guessets.
If you use CNC router, with good nesting, you can save a fair bit of ply instead of cutting whole frames. Plywood doesn't have the longitudinal strength of solid stock frame futtocks, married with gussets. This doesn't mean you can't do it, but that the scantlings will need to be tweaked a tad to accommodate the inherit differences in framing materials.
Location: La Florida I built boats with the solid wood long members in the frames with plywood corner braces.
For me, it was a side step from building a laminated ring to building a frame out of one or two pieces of sheet plywood and was not able to google anything that said don't and why. To Mr Watson, hello to from Canada, my wife and I spent two wonderfull weeks on Taz in 2009 for the Hobart Woodenboat Festival and toured the Franklin River Boatbuilding School.
Ian Glad you had a good time Ian, its Wooden Boat Show again in Jan 2013 ( bi-annual), so preparations are well underway. The comment "Some of the plans do incorporate plywood into the frames, but (usually) not as the sole frame element.
My real interest in the subject is a result of a current project that plans to use plywood frames. Pars comments (always worth considering) indicate that 'real timber' might be worth incorporating into the plans.
Location: Eustis, FL Edge fastening is an issue, but tabbing and epoxy can solve this on some build types. This is precisely why you see dainty little hardwood frames on relatively close centers in some traditional build types. Again you can move the numbers around to help a bit, such as leaving the spacing the same, accepting a weight penalty and reducing the molded dimension a bit to gain reasonable interior volume.
Plywood works well for gussets however---- much better than solid wood where splitting is a problem with short pieces of solid wood.
Plywood frames eat up plywood quickly as well because of the vast amount of waste while solid wood wastes very little. I think a case can be made for plywood frames when building a round-chined design such as would be built stripper style.

Location: Eustis, FL My recollection of the boat he's building is the 15' design by Bruce Crandall.
Compared to modern designs they pound, are heavy and have high speed handling issues, if over powered. Plywood sheeting as a diaphram bulkhead is out, but still might think of a laminated ring with filler blocks at the corners.
In excellent condition they can fetch a good price, but in the current market, difficult to say how much. I would recommend not buying it, unless you're interested in a long, painful and quite expensive project.
If looking for a wooden boat to run around in, then find a better example or build from new, both of which will be cheaper and less painful. Location: Eustis, FL Since you done a Riviera, you know the troubles you'll be looking at.
Garwood's, though do have a loyal following isn't nearly as big as the Chris and the era this one was built wasn't known for good record keeping, documentation, etc., making research more difficult. The runabouts of that era would have been barrel backed and typically had the M47S Chrysler Crown engine. There are several sites that specialize in these babies, but be careful, some will try to sell you a Chris Craft part, saying it's a Garwood. Location: Colombia Old boat identification Good evening, I really need your help in the identification of an ancient boat i recently purchased. It is a v8 engine Hispano Suiza Model A with a transmission Capitol Marine fromSt Paul, Minnesota. Duck boat for plywood construction - Build Your Own Boat Plywood duck hunting boat you can build, the ideal boat building project for the amateur boatbuilder.
According to Roberts, all four have strong historical ties, economical performance, and, of course, beauty. I have used shallow propeller pockets to reduce draft, and the hull incorporates a molded keel for running gear protection.
She is intended as a coastal cruiser with good accommodation for two over long periods, and there is room for two occasional guests. She will be comfortable along shore in all weather, and "stand out" beautiful in any harbor. For example i know Riva used to make wooden boats (now though are plastic if i am not wrong). A 25 m wooden fishing boat is not such a 'rara avis', although quickly dissapearing from european waters. Choose the colour of the boat and the colour of the lettering on the box to make this an extra special gift for your son, grandson, nephew or godson. To the untrained eye, they might appear to be similar to a 'ring' frame but actually two or three components. Making up a 'ring frame' from multiple overlapping ply sections is a pretty common practice.
It's also heavier for the same thickness, so you'll end up with heavier and weaker frames as a result, if using the same dimensions. This could be as simple as different frame spacing or different dimensions of the frames themselves or a combination of both. I have no qualms about no answers as long as there are qualifying persuasive statements to clarify. It's not that plywood frames can't be used, but that their good and bad points need to be considered in the scantlings. A hard chine build with relatively straight sided frames, will be lighter and stronger using solid wood futtocks with plywood gussets or lapped and pinned joints. It's actually lighter and stronger this way, than tripling the spacing, doubling the frame thickness and quadrupling (or considerably more) the molded dimension on a plywood frame.

Or reducing frame spacing and using similar molded and sided dimensions with an extra stringer or two tossed in, to compensate for stiffness loses. Is an old design, one of the C class racers, a warped bottom with an odd step, though typical of it's era. They're often wet rides, but this isn't much of a consideration for a racer and they look good with nicely tumblehome sterns. The carpeted interior gives rise to a host of problems, not the least of which is it's ability to trap moisture against the wood, rotting it out. The Chris had the luxury of a fairly large following, reasonable parts availability and records to account for all that was possibly on the boat originally. The utility instrument panel was spartan, yours look to have some additions, but it's the right shape. Connecticut Sindel, I'm thinking you didn't catch PAR's 'war years' comment. Twelve feet of beam would have been considered only a little fat for a 44' boat in the 1920's. Her deckhouse is a wonderful place to be, with large opening windows on all four sides and double doors opening onto the covered aft cockpit. The first frame, which started my mind to ponder, would be cut completely as one unit with a hole to access the stem. This is because for the same frame spacing, you can use smaller, both molded and sided dimensions, then the same strength and stiffness physical qualities, if built entirely from plywood, plus the edge fastening advantages of solid lumber. There's several approaches you can take, to incorporate all plywood framing, but you should adjust the scantlings to accommodate the physical properties of the new material choices, if you expect similar strength and stiffness figures for a given weight. It needs to be fully disassembled, repaired, refurbished and most importantly of all, era correct pieces returned to her, if interested in retaining her value. Companies geared up for war time production, leaving much on the back burner to be lost or forgotten. The helm wheel was a pretty cool looking wire spoke thing, sort of like the 50's Jaguar or Triumph (automotive). Last time I built a wooden boat was a GlenL Squirt some 50 years ago and frames were fitted up from boards cut to shape. So the rest would follow making the most economical use of a sheet of marine grade fir plywood.
The only time this get rivaled is with particularly dense hardwoods, though with these you can use even thinner molded and sided dimensions, because of the great torsional stiffness of solid hardwood stock. The original versions of this particular boat liked to trip over it's chine and this boat was an improvement with beveled chines.
Bruce Crandall revised it yet again with the hull planked in plywood, and the bottom was laid with stepped layers of plywood to provide longitudinal strakes. Some of these pieces (like the original helm wheel) will be difficult to find, will probably also need restoration and costly as sin. Duck hunting boat plans - Build Your Own Boat Boat plans and boat kits for ducking hunting boats.
The evolution to new markets, mainly going from commercial to pleasure, is the main solution. The earlier version had a little deadrise all the way to the transom and the newer one was flat. Anyhow, there are markets regarding commercial fishing boats which wood has lost here almost without fighting; I'm talking about the small planning units up to 10 m length (more or less), which are actually built up in GRP or aluminium, but could also be done in wooden boards-epoxy as well. Honker - Boat designs for the beginning boat builder HONKER is solidly built from sheet plywood; .

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