Seems from him that at one point in time in about the third year of making these vessels, ther was a fire in the small barn that they were building these in Im guessing from that and that Paul nordlund, said to me that there really wasint any records from his father making them, or that the fire took all known records with it.
Unless I can find someone that has seen or has a picture Or the BIG ONE,has one!, then Im lead to belive that i have the only one alive ,Today.. Ive just about compleated restoring her from the pervious owners demise, Luckly he took somewhat good care of her, Ive brought her back to the Mahogany Wood finish that it had from new, I can tell because ive compleatly stripped the boat and now am almost done finish varnishing her and putting on the trim work. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Had a search on acrylic domes (google - acrylic hemishpere) they don't seem hard to get or expensive as the're made for non marine markets (?40 each).
At this size the smaller Harken carbo blocks, tracks and furlers that fit dinghies would be all that would be needed.
When I bought the mast I'd remind myself that Sitka Spruce and Spar varnish for 7 or so Navigator spars isn't cheap either in materials or time and by sleeping inside on a comfortable cushion I'm saving ?350 on a good tent and thermerest and I won't get eaten by bears. I have a problem however with all boats that look like wedges in plan and have plumb stems. At this size the smaller Harken carbo blocks that fit dinghies would be all that would be needed. Brian just a small correction - on Le Souriceau there is one winch mounted midships forward of the entry hatch. I do wonder though at what point does a yacht with alot of weight and intertia that can plough a big green wave, become a dinghy and start to lift on a wave. As a Sharpie owner will proclaim, a flat bottomed boat running at 30 degrees is sailing on a V (the chine), a V shaped boat sailing at 30 degrees is sailing on a flat.
Aft and f'ward of the keel, the hull in profile is nicely dished, so she should turn real quickly for great helm response. Maybe I just fancy this deck saloon with interior steering, a boat that sails really well, and at 15ft, no boat yard hassle or pumping water out in the winter in the mean time.
Did I mention that I'd also make sure I was reading Yachting Monthly, in my T-shirt and shorts, under the skylight, accompained by some red mood LED lighting, in the dry in my upholstered seat, whilst I handed James McMullen that very cup of tea?
As he left to retire to his camp for some banjo playing, I'd tell him I thought I'd just seen a bear, but not to worry, sometimes you can hear them before they are sniffing the tent.
A juried contest of films celebrating the heritage, spirit of adventure, and ingenuity of boats and waterborne pursuits. I finally got the old outboard running, with the intention of using it for the Folkboat while I repair the inboard. It would compliment the Folkboat, so I'm thinking of something that can be used in rivers and shallow water, for a bit of gunkholing. Redwing- a gentle, shoal-draft, low-powered (5 to 10-hp), sheet-plywood outboard cruiser - can live on her trailer. You're not going to want to push anything too heavy or with too much windage with a 6HP outboard, even if you're just pottering about. How much work do you want to put in - simple chine construction, or something more complex? Clean white coastal living room with coastal sectional sofa, warm wood accents and large glass windows to enjoy the lake view. Vaulted white wood ceilings and large windows make this lake house coastal master bedroom feel one with nature.

This coastal beach house tour of a lake house in Montauk, NY has tons of coastal cottage design you will love. Coastal black and white color palate in this lovely dining room is created with the white x base dining table and the contrasting black rattan dining chairs. Neutral beach house dining room with slipcovered arm chairs and wood bead coastal chandeliers. Whitewashed beach house coastal dining room with windsor trestle dining table and upholstered wing chairs.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. For those intersted to see John is taking a very thorough approach with scale models to study first. The 5.7m Aviateur seems a perfect size for a trailer boat with an 8' beam, but the very flat run aft is interesting - why so flat instead of a mild V or curve at the aft end as the other hulls have? Drying out, the two rudders and bulb keep the bottom off the mud, which keeps mud and stones out of the case. Inside that dry interior you can also play with instruments and plotters as you fancy it while your friends are sitting in the rain. So there are people who want a dinghy cruiser even if there isn't really a big or profitable market.
I'll not be taking it trans atlantic as I agree the waves are bigger and small boats roll too easily and frequently when hit by real big breaking waves. 250 Laurie McGowan considered three different hull shapes when developing the concept for a home-buildable sit-on-top fishing kayak. Or you can order the individual study plan as a PDF file that will be sent to you via email.
It could even have a small windscreen and a wheel on the bulkhead, and it would almost look like a miniature cabin snipa. Perhaps I could pitch the idea of co-building, I really don't have time for two boats right now.
Coastal furnishings and decor to create this lovely white and aqua beach house living room. SO i asked him if he Knows of any that are alive Today, he said no but heard that someone thought they might have seen an older nordlund plywood boat, but dont know nothing about it.
These show a good U-section forward buoyancy arrangement this boat has to hinder nose diving in green waves.
Then when your done you can store the boat clean and in the dry, and (out of any hurricanes - Eastern US) in the garage over winter. Seeing you warm and dry through domes would then depress them, but you could offer them a cup of tea out through the cockpit hatch to plicate them!
Most dinghy cruisers wouldn't look at it as it looks like a yacht, but isn't that an oversight?
But you'd be choosing between more windage and less helm visibility forward, or less headroom aft. You can't steam big thick pieces and by keeping it straight and uniform you can use the best most durable timber baulks in the days of the Britrish Empire rather than red oak crooks.
I'd wave him a good-night through my pod, turn to the CD player installed inside my deck saloon, and tell him an hour of Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland should ward him off.

In the boats that have been shown here,she looks like the easiest build, nice wide flat bottom and 2 chines.
I'm not a naval architect but I think if you look at it and use in the same weekend conditions that you would say a Navigator you wouldn't get into any trouble. It saves short grain or bolting together seperate pieces or laminating wood and relying on adhesive. Boats built like this (as many small wooden boats are) are even more difficult to tack in high winds and a swell as boat speed stops more quickly than the boat turns.
Like the Pardey's say, I'd want to make it unstoppable and wouldn't want it to fail so I'd go the Hess cutter route, if only to enter English Harbour in Antgua in style.
The sensible thing would be to sell it off, but the fun thing would be to build a boat for it. I'm sure a dodger can be made mosquito-proof, and as long as there's a soft and level berth it's not too tent-like. This boats (in effect) cut away forefoot, twin rudders and high aspect keel should have it pivoting on a six pence. Anyway until then, until someone takes a Sooty Tern and crosses the Atlantic I'd have one up on James McMullen, as one Souriceau has already crossed. I have to admit it's purely hypothetical, but it would be interesting to hear some suggestions. One good thing about my old boat was that I could in a matter of minutes strip everything off and it was a very practical fishing skiff. He's got his labour, overheads and profit to make to enable reinvestment and continued trade.
It allows the dream of staying overnight somewhere to most people, which gives it added value and so worth alot more. The only issue I've had with a flat bottom is a slap on the water surface when at rest as the pitch a little up and down, but thats not unpleasant. But for an amateur, labour is free and you can build it in a standard garage (or under a garden tent) which is also free. Percy Mitchell built the original Toshers with identical planks till the turn of the bilge. This boat is quite short, so the bottom although flat must be quite curved in profile thus probably not actually putting a flat square surface to the water, going upwind, if that makes sense. If a GRP one is 28,000 euros that's great, it puts an amateur in a strong position to get their money back or make a little.
The original gaffers were also pretty straight on sheer as this was before yachtification was started by the middle classes post war.
The Scandinavians had sheer, but it wasn't aesthetic, they were line finishing not trawling and wanted low freeboard amid ships to pull in lines and to keep the oars lower.

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