Location: Milwaukee, WI You should use epoxy resin for better adhesion and water resistance. Location: Eustis, FL The best thing you can do for this boat and your friends are correct is to 'glass the weather decks. To recap, encapsulate the plywood, after it's been cut to fit the deck, with 3 coats of epoxy, with special attention to the end grain. Location: Milwaukee, WI I agree, if the hull is in good condition it is not worth fiberglassing over.
Location: Greece That's what i thinK after all your comments.NEVER COVERING HULL WITH FIBERGLASS!!!! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa designing a fast rowboat I live in New England (USA) and we have a growing sport of open water ocean rowing racing. Location: Lake Michigan I don't claim to be an expert, but for speed, little to no rocker is good. A race boat would have to be longer (the longer the better) and a bit wider (but not much wider). Location: Cornwall, England Take a look at a gig, they don't come any faster or sweeter (but I'm biased, we've raced 'em in Cornwall for the past couple of hundred years! Location: Eustis, FL Build her light and put some foils on her, so you can spank the fleet. Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa Safewalrus, We have the gigs here too. Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa Terhohalme, Very interesting piece of work, I'd be interested to find out more about your boat.
Location: Trondheim, NORWAY I think you could try minimum wetted surface, long waterline and optimize the Cp for your speed.
Location: Marshfield massachusetts usa Safewalrus, That Flashboat, VERY interesting can you point me to plans?
Length must be an important part of the speed equation,a long narrow boat will always be faster than a short wide one. 1 ) A fast rowboat will probably be as long as possible and because of its length will be able to have as narrower beam as permitted by the required displacement. Bow steering ,yes like you guys I am concerned about bows digging in and directing the issue. There must be a point where the trade off between wave making and wetted surface is at an optimum.. It could be a late 40's, early 50's Chris Craft deluxe or sedan, but some of the details are wrong. Location: Norway Boatpicture I Have done some research on your image, and it looks like a ''brand new'' '1950 Chris Craft Super Deluxe. In excellent condition they can fetch a good price, but in the current market, difficult to say how much.
I would recommend not buying it, unless you're interested in a long, painful and quite expensive project.

If looking for a wooden boat to run around in, then find a better example or build from new, both of which will be cheaper and less painful. Location: Eustis, FL Since you done a Riviera, you know the troubles you'll be looking at.
Garwood's, though do have a loyal following isn't nearly as big as the Chris and the era this one was built wasn't known for good record keeping, documentation, etc., making research more difficult. The runabouts of that era would have been barrel backed and typically had the M47S Chrysler Crown engine.
There are several sites that specialize in these babies, but be careful, some will try to sell you a Chris Craft part, saying it's a Garwood. Location: Colombia Old boat identification Good evening, I really need your help in the identification of an ancient boat i recently purchased.
It is a v8 engine Hispano Suiza Model A with a transmission Capitol Marine fromSt Paul, Minnesota. Location: British Colombia Canada wooden decks Thought I would post an example of replacing a teak deck with a mahogany deck. Location: Eustis, FL What was that teak veneer layed in on the original deck?
In our forum we hope to answer some of the questions you may have about boat and motor restoration.
Hall's Boat provides engine restoration of antique marine engines for antique wooden boats in our boat shop.
Chatham Boat Company is a is a true full service boatyard located on Cape Cod in the seaside town of Chatham, Massachusetts, selling used power boats and sailboats Doug's Antique Outboard Restoration and Collection Page.
Photos and descriptions of restored and converted Mark 20H Vintage Outboard Motors Restoration.
Categories: Antique Outboard Motor Collectors Inc, AOMCI, Boat, Boat Restoration, Captain Jones Vintage Outboard Restoration, Evinrude Outboard, Gale Outboard motor, Online resource for antique outboard motors and collectors, offering restoration resources, supplies, expertise, tips and methods. Screw the plywood down to the deck beams and original planking (stainless steel screws), over a bedding compound or thickened epoxy. The carpeted interior gives rise to a host of problems, not the least of which is it's ability to trap moisture against the wood, rotting it out. The Chris had the luxury of a fairly large following, reasonable parts availability and records to account for all that was possibly on the boat originally. The utility instrument panel was spartan, yours look to have some additions, but it's the right shape. Connecticut Sindel, I'm thinking you didn't catch PAR's 'war years' comment. It appears the caulk lines held up fairly well, but the goo that held the teak, not so much (typical). Next you seal the plywood with two layers of light weight cloth, set in epoxy, then a heavier layer, maybe Xynole, considering the abuse it'll take.
Next, sheath with 2 layers of 6 - 8 ounce cloth, then apply a layer of Xynole, of course all set in epoxy.
Looks like a very fine entry and straight run with a lot of flare in the mid sections to get enough spread for oars on gunnels ( a requirement in our class).

It needs to be fully disassembled, repaired, refurbished and most importantly of all, era correct pieces returned to her, if interested in retaining her value. Companies geared up for war time production, leaving much on the back burner to be lost or forgotten.
The helm wheel was a pretty cool looking wire spoke thing, sort of like the 50's Jaguar or Triumph (automotive). Our records show it 1939 57' Elco Motor Yacht Originally owned by famed restauranteur Howard Johnson Besides doing manufacturers warranty, he specialized in wooden boat restoration. A Wooden Boat Restoration project is perhaps the common questions is how to repair the bottom of a Classic Vintage Motor Boat.
My ideas come from eight years of racing and constant observation of our own two boat as well as the boats we race against.
Weather prediction for our 4 mile race on Saturday is for temps to be 53 degrees F and winds to be 10-15 kts.
Some of these pieces (like the original helm wheel) will be difficult to find, will probably also need restoration and costly as sin. The reason is you need sufficient sheathing thickness to tolerate the foot traffic and the plywood prevents the laid deck below from moving around, breaking out the sheathing. Rules are almost non existant and are limited to number of oarsmen,fixed or sliding seat, or general clasification ie: work boat or livery boat.
I had hoped that this thread would bring out the real designers and a discussion of general design theory. To win, a boat must be able to stand up to some tough conditions yet have enough speed to achieve 6 knots+ in calm conditions.
I'm learning a computer program for boat design and have a couple of promising sketches worked up. Might put a look of dismay on the Cornish boys faces - to be beaten by a yankee 'flashboat' 'specially if they don't know you have one! Tad Roberts,a designer in Washington State, a forum contributor, was kind enough to send me a set of limes showing his concept of a fast row boat, and they gave me a lot to think about. I would appreciate a general discussion of design factors from people who are more knowledgeable than myself. A large part of his ideas will show up in my next boat if I can just get the station molds to print out on my program. Whatever she does, it's a fast boat (good crew too ) Does semi-planing happen, is it good or bad?
Current plans are to put some rocker in forward to reduce bow steer and reduce wetted surface.

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