General: Tao is a full keeled sloop rigged Southern Cross 31 designed by Thomas Gilmer and built by the CE Ryder Corp. There are 14 storage compartments, 4 bookshelves, a nav station with a seat and storage under.
She has 2 brass halogen reading lamps and 2 brass gimbaled kerosene lamps in main cabin and fluorescents over the stove and in the head. Palmer Johnson located in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin began as a wooden fishing boat builder nearly 100 years ago. Palmer Johnson has built custom yachts for royalty and titans of industry using designs by Alden, Sparkman & Stephens and others of high repute. DANCE SMARTLY was a breakthrough design in her day and still remains current with the most modern concepts in layout and design.
I was wondering if you (or your viewers) have any information about Bruce Crandall and his “Flyer 13”, 91 cubic inch race boat?
But the same year, the editors of the Swedish magazine Motornyheterna (Motor News) realized that the boat racing hobby needed an injection – some new ideas and some new way of thinking. In one way or another, the editors on Motornyheterna came in contact with Bruce Crandall and the self-building designs that he had produced the year before. The most well known of the three is “Phantom” – a 91 cubic inch-racer, found abandoned in the mid 80’s in a boatyard outside Stockholm and today restored to a fantastic original condition. They love their wooden boats in Sweden, and also classic race boats are extreamly popular in Sweden. Anyway, getting back to the original question that Kevin Fitzke asked us for help with – If anyone out there in Woody Boater land knows where any of these original or restored Crandell designed racers are in America, any information or direction you could help us with would be apprectaed, as Kevin moves forward with his boat building project. We also know there is a very experienced & knowledgeable group of builders and restorers up in the north east, like Mark Mason and Bill John, who are experts when it comes to these old vintage race boats.
For more information on Berg Boats you can go directly to their great website by Clicking Here.

We really enjoy reaching out to the Woody Boater community to learn more about a specific marque or model of classic wooden boat. I have posted another stretched flyer, 21ft built by a fellow who built all the mechanical components for the boat including items like the engine header, anything that needed to be cast.
Although I suppose it is possible, albeit remotely so, all of them ARE in Hessel, and I’m doing this to throw you off the scent.
Kevin,If you are looking for building hardware(screws and epoxy) driveline hardware(struts propshafts couplers and such)I would highly recommend you spend some time at the Glen-l website. One of the many books they offer is called Inboard motor installation.Very complete,lots of good info. I have an undated copy of the company’s complete catalog from sometime in the early 1930s, I believe.
In the attached image, Bruce is shown smoking a pipe and Willard is shown navigating a boat equipped with an airmotor that I personally know to be the loudest internal combustion engine I have ever heard. Tao has a wall mounted Shipmate kerosene heater, 6 bronze opening portholes with screens and a hanging locker that drains to the bilge. But I remembered that fellow Woody Boater and Contributor from Sweden – Anders V?rneus (from Swedish Classic Boats) was knowledgeable about these Crandell designed racers. If you had asked 10 members in the Royal Swedish Motorboat Club if they knew the name Crandall – all of them would have answered ”no idea”. They made a deal and Motornyheterna started to sell complete drawing kits of five different boats for racing – three outboard racing boats and two inboard hydroplanes. Orders for drawings came from all over the country and soon Motornyheterna started to publish pictures from proud owners on self-built race boats. Some of these boats were built by some very skilled boat yards and were really great looking, but most of them were built in garages, barns and in narrow basements. Her engine, a Gray Phantom 45, came new out from it’s original wooden box after 60 years under a bench.

Hopfully we will get a chance to meet them while we are at Lake Dora next month, as they will probably be involved with the race boat gathering and demonstrations a few days before the Sunnyland Wooden Boat Festival. But be ready to spend some time there,they have alot of good info,and alot of really helpful people.
Crandall was a naval architect who, I believe, was involved with Higgins during WWII and played a role in the design of their craft. During my lifetime they spent winters in Bradenton Beach, Florida and summers at Three Lakes, Wisconsin, which is only about 25 miles from Phelps.
Her engine has been professionally maintained and she has been under a full winter cover each year, with the mast removed and stored on a mast rack. So I sent Anders an e-mail late at night (next day for him) and he responded within minutes as usual. Tom usually built canoes but when he found the drawings on the double ended, twin stepped 135-cubic inch Crandall-hydro, he fell in absolute love with it. All the Crandell Boats in the photos presented are beautiful but the one in the You Tube video; stellar!! But these three were all found in almost complete original condition with everything there except their original engines.
The company’s main plant, general office and experimental laboratory was in Newport Beach, California.

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