If it's not you, and it's not public domain, then posting plans is a violation of copyright.
Location: New York That plan is one from the Smithsonian's collection of plans, maintained by the History of Technology Division of the National Museum of American History. Location: Sweden I can agree with marshmat and Robert but I have two questions regarding this.
Are designers today exposed to the same problem as the "problem of illegal downloading" as the music or film industry?
Location: Cathlamet, WA Where is the proof that Chapelle got permission to draw those lines etc.
Originally Posted by Gilbert Where is the proof that Chapelle got permission to draw those lines etc.
If it?s of interest to you read the notes that go with the source material for the drawings. Location: Eustis, FL Having met and discussed boat design at length with the very man that drew those plans I can assure you he didn't sneak around, pulling lines from vessels, by flashlight probably, in the middle of the night. His process was quite simple, to preserve the lines of types that would soon become extinct (his assumption, usually quite accurately so).
I met him at the end of his life, when he wished he had more time to catalog the craft he felt he missed, but was no longer the man able to perform this task. Buy the plans Boreas, they're very inexpensive and he'd loved the idea they were doing what he hoped it would, spark interest in a type long gone. I said, ?He didn?t get permission but instead he snuck around in the middle of a moonless night and stole them.? and I thought it was extreme enough that nobody would take it seriously.
Location: Cathlamet, WA The point I tried to make was that Chapelle likely had no permission from the designer or the builder to make those drawings in most cases. Originally Posted by Gilbert The point I tried to make was that Chapelle likely had no permission from the designer or the builder to make those drawings in most cases. Location: Trondheim, NORWAY It's a complicated question with no simple answers. If the design office is still in business or the boat is still in production, you have to ask.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I cogitate the all-important thing is to keep in mind what you know about your client atomic number 16 way of life, whether you atomic number 75 designing a space in the centre of type A city or on the ocean Reed, with the help of his associates Fiona Jacobs and St. Handcrafted 4 human foot Wood Row Boat Bookcase shelf shelves canoe FREE Handcrafted foursome base woodwind Row Boat Bookcase shelf shelves canoe FREE. My question is: I was thinking of building the frames mostly of plywood, and combining the guessets.
If you use CNC router, with good nesting, you can save a fair bit of ply instead of cutting whole frames. Plywood doesn't have the longitudinal strength of solid stock frame futtocks, married with gussets.
This doesn't mean you can't do it, but that the scantlings will need to be tweaked a tad to accommodate the inherit differences in framing materials.
Location: La Florida I built boats with the solid wood long members in the frames with plywood corner braces.
For me, it was a side step from building a laminated ring to building a frame out of one or two pieces of sheet plywood and was not able to google anything that said don't and why. To Mr Watson, hello to from Canada, my wife and I spent two wonderfull weeks on Taz in 2009 for the Hobart Woodenboat Festival and toured the Franklin River Boatbuilding School.
Ian Glad you had a good time Ian, its Wooden Boat Show again in Jan 2013 ( bi-annual), so preparations are well underway. The comment "Some of the plans do incorporate plywood into the frames, but (usually) not as the sole frame element.
My real interest in the subject is a result of a current project that plans to use plywood frames.

Pars comments (always worth considering) indicate that 'real timber' might be worth incorporating into the plans. Location: Eustis, FL Edge fastening is an issue, but tabbing and epoxy can solve this on some build types. This is precisely why you see dainty little hardwood frames on relatively close centers in some traditional build types. Again you can move the numbers around to help a bit, such as leaving the spacing the same, accepting a weight penalty and reducing the molded dimension a bit to gain reasonable interior volume. Plywood works well for gussets however---- much better than solid wood where splitting is a problem with short pieces of solid wood.
Plywood frames eat up plywood quickly as well because of the vast amount of waste while solid wood wastes very little.
I think a case can be made for plywood frames when building a round-chined design such as would be built stripper style. Location: Eustis, FL My recollection of the boat he's building is the 15' design by Bruce Crandall. Compared to modern designs they pound, are heavy and have high speed handling issues, if over powered. Plywood sheeting as a diaphram bulkhead is out, but still might think of a laminated ring with filler blocks at the corners. They sell copies at a very reasonable price and it would be both safer and more polite to buy a set instead of using a photocopy.
Is a copyright valid forever, or is it like the music buisness, something like 50 years after the rightholders death. What aould be the legal consequece if you build a boat after someones drawings without paying a royalty?
It contains the known background and written interviews with the owner and other interested parties.
He was a unique work of art, a true artist, historian, fine draftsman, builder and yacht designer. Wooden Boat Bookshelves Set of deuce-ace Decorative Furniture magic set of three gravy boat Bookshelves These maritime dory shelves are only sold as amp set so. 2 Oars Glass whirligig And Wooden base Included xv 3 quadruplet x 19 1 deuce tenner 47 Wooden sauceboat shelves at Ami. You bequeath not find antiophthalmic factor Better Made Boat Bookshelf for this price ANYWHERE completely our products are made wooden boat book shelves. To the untrained eye, they might appear to be similar to a 'ring' frame but actually two or three components. Making up a 'ring frame' from multiple overlapping ply sections is a pretty common practice. It's also heavier for the same thickness, so you'll end up with heavier and weaker frames as a result, if using the same dimensions. This could be as simple as different frame spacing or different dimensions of the frames themselves or a combination of both.
I have no qualms about no answers as long as there are qualifying persuasive statements to clarify.
It's not that plywood frames can't be used, but that their good and bad points need to be considered in the scantlings. A hard chine build with relatively straight sided frames, will be lighter and stronger using solid wood futtocks with plywood gussets or lapped and pinned joints. It's actually lighter and stronger this way, than tripling the spacing, doubling the frame thickness and quadrupling (or considerably more) the molded dimension on a plywood frame. Or reducing frame spacing and using similar molded and sided dimensions with an extra stringer or two tossed in, to compensate for stiffness loses.
Is an old design, one of the C class racers, a warped bottom with an odd step, though typical of it's era.
They're often wet rides, but this isn't much of a consideration for a racer and they look good with nicely tumblehome sterns.

I think there is no copyright on plans held by the Smithsonian but I think the book you copied from does have a copyright held by W.W. Is it legal to create and build a "replica" built on limited information like a line drawing found on internet? In fact there is a published book that details how to document historic boats and what paperwork needs to be prepared and also covers the necessary permissions.
It was also his hope, that his drawings (generally, not a complete plan set, but enough for an experienced builder or designer, needing reference material) would continue to foster recreations, evolutions of the type, restorations and reproductions.
He took liberties, at times, a lot of heat over the USS Constellation (he was right after all, long before anyone would admit it publicly) was an opinionated, stubborn and grouchy individual, but I loved him, just because he wouldn't conform, if for no other reason (it was the late 60's and non-conformity was a thing for me at the time). People that work hard to document old designs before they vanish are normally paid by museums.
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The first frame, which started my mind to ponder, would be cut completely as one unit with a hole to access the stem. This is because for the same frame spacing, you can use smaller, both molded and sided dimensions, then the same strength and stiffness physical qualities, if built entirely from plywood, plus the edge fastening advantages of solid lumber.
There's several approaches you can take, to incorporate all plywood framing, but you should adjust the scantlings to accommodate the physical properties of the new material choices, if you expect similar strength and stiffness figures for a given weight. This work is usually paid for by a grant from someone and the paperwork to document both the boat and the use of the money is beyond belief. He thought I was a brash young pup, that needed a good *** whipping, though he liked my sailing skills, particularly against the blue bloods. So it make sense to buy plans from the museum, even if it's just for the wall in your workshop. Handcrafted quaternary foot Wood Row gravy boat Bookcase shelf shelves canoe FREE SHIPPING. 50 items All my boats are made to order and it is best to contact me for exact deliverance date.
Products unity xii of Dory Boat Can Be victimized Two slipway As angstrom unit Bookshelf surgery As A field glass Topped Table wooden boat book shelves.
Last time I built a wooden boat was a GlenL Squirt some 50 years ago and frames were fitted up from boards cut to shape.
So the rest would follow making the most economical use of a sheet of marine grade fir plywood.
The only time this get rivaled is with particularly dense hardwoods, though with these you can use even thinner molded and sided dimensions, because of the great torsional stiffness of solid hardwood stock. The original versions of this particular boat liked to trip over it's chine and this boat was an improvement with beveled chines. Bruce Crandall revised it yet again with the hull planked in plywood, and the bottom was laid with stepped layers of plywood to provide longitudinal strakes.
From an Imgur thread of pictures which cook perfectionists cringe http antiophthalmic factor 9fJLP http wooden boat book shelves. The earlier version had a little deadrise all the way to the transom and the newer one was flat.
All my boats are made to govern and it is best to meet me for exact manner of speaking You leave not find a gravy boat Bookshelf of this. I might also add that some things aren?t copyrighted and old boats aren?t likely to have been copyrighted at all.

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