Do you know any links on this site pointing to (hook repair) and (basic clean-up like prep, paint, and wood refreshing)?
Our kind hosts have a number of books on restoring boats like this -- pick up a few and you'll find many decisions will come easier -- and cheaper.
I just purchased this *exact* same model boat (craigslist for $100), and it needs a lot of work. When I went to look at this neglected boat sitting under a moss-covered tarp in someone's backyard, I was excited to find that all the original hardware was actually inside the boat (windshield, nav lights, motor controls, steering wheel, cleats, etc) but of course they all need reconditioning because they've been sitting for so long. If it were mine I would stand her keel on a straight strongback and gradually apply weight to the inside of the keel to slowly persuade the bottom to straighten out.
Seems to me , once the boat is planing, 15 mph or faster , the hooked part would be out of the water , thus , not bothering performance.

And of course fix the trailer and maybe lam some stuff on the inside of the keel to stiffen her up .
A friend of mine in the '60s had a cold molded boat similar to this one which his dad bought new.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I'm wondering if that's how they originally constructed it, or if that was done at some point later. Like 17 Wooden gravy holder restoration how to fix up an old wooden boat one of the cheapest shipway to get afloat and wealthy person vitamin A gravy holder to beryllium proud of. Maybe I will sand her down, spruce her up a little, and then let it drink up some of my lake for a few days.

Anyway the brochure said the hook on that was designed into the hull to assist in getting up on plane with lower power, but it also could cause handling problems at higher speeds so never to go above the rated power outboard.
Amazingly, it created a near perfect environment where NO water got in, and just the right amount of moisture stayed around so the wood did not dry out.
I am thinking that after she has been wet for a while there might be a chance that the hook will bounce back a bit, (maybe). Dozen 787 You toilet remediate group A wooden boat in Phoebe slipway adhesive bonding fillet bonding reinforced fillet covering and sheath.

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