We are able to undertake both traditional & modern wooden boat repairs as well as fibreglass repairs including composite construction. To register on the H & M Pascoe website you either need to use yourexisitng Woogloo ID or create a new one (see below). Get access to Registered User's priviledges, which may include hidden pages, special features and special pricing, if they exist, on this website.
Get access to all sites powered by Woogloo V3 without having to enter your details everytime. We have been building and repairing wooden boats for over 40 years during that time we have built up good working relationships with suppliers of all of the different materials used in modern and traditional boat building. Whether it’s removing timber rot, a common problem in timber boats, particularly around windows and deck fittings, replacing decks, internal fit-outs, caulking between hull planking, or any other modifications which may arise, we will keep your pride and joy in top condition.

Made of mild steel and hot dip galvanised which bonds to the steel giving it a life expectancy of about 30 years.
They are ideal for the marine environment in a situation where you don't want to use a screw and the fastening will remain visible. They could almost be called coachbolts but they do not have a square section below the head. They have been cut by a person inserting the sheet steel into a guillotine by hand which accounts for the variation in nail width. The head is then forged in another machine which beats the "Rose head" form into the crown prior to hot dip galvanising.
We believe there is only one manufacturer left in Europe making these square cut English pattern boat nails.

The four sided points are not cut in or machined, they are swaged or cast, it does seem that no two nails are absolutely identical (part of the attraction).
We have been fortunate enough to find a stock of these in a store of a boatyard that has closed. They were bought for Admiralty work and are about 60 years old but still in perfect condition.
Contact us for a total price if you wish more than one kilo and we will calculate a better  postage rate.

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