From WoodenBoat School’s very first year (1981), the emphasis has been on hands-on education.
Each spring, summer, and fall we play host to more than 600 students, faculty, and guests at our 60-acre saltwater campus here in Brooklin, Maine.
USHarbors delivers free, printable tide charts, onshore and marine forecasts, buoy data, weather radar, a steady stream of local knowledge, and a directory of coastal businesses. If you are a Do-It-Yourself-er but need to polish your skills to make your dream projects materialize, we have found some great design and build learning vacations for you to check out. You can learn how to do design and build boats, homes, surfboards, and furniture at these vacation schools, camps, and workshops. Grain Surfboards offers wooden surfboard building classes right in our shop in York, Maine.
Whether you want a professionally recognized boatbuilding qualification, a few days by the sea learning practical skills, or to build your own boat, there’s a course for you here in Lyme Regis.
Wooden Boat School, in session from late May to early October, offers a wide variety of one- and two-week classes on boatbuilding, boat repair, boat design, seamanship, marine surveying, and related crafts. Click the button below to subscribe to the LVN Newsletter today and you'll never have to worry about missing a blog post, news update, discount rates at select vacation schools or other exclusive LVN Member incentives!

The key to deciding which class best suits your needs is to carefully read each course description, which incorporates much information about the course’s content and level of experience.
A fair number of students are interested in taking a series of courses, with a goal of becoming more proficient or even working toward a career in boatbuilding. Many of our shop courses are designed for beginning, intermediate, or experienced woodworkers; a wise choice based on skill level can determine how much you may benefit from the course.
Participants learn new skills, new ways of doing things, and have a great time in a truly inspiring environment. You’ll learn alongside the same builders that craft our custom wooden surfboards from locally grown, sustainable white cedar. We’ll also be glad to help you with any questions you may have after reading this catalog, and if need be we can put you in contact with our instructors.
A friendly, first-class staff and faculty are eager to share their vast knowledge and experience. We surround you with outstanding teachers, fine craftsmanship, beautiful boats to use on our waterfront, good food and comfortable accommodations, plenty of like-minded folks from around the globe, and the unspoiled beauty of down east Maine. Choosing the right course means that you will be satisfied, appropriately challenged, and among others whose goals and abilities are similar to yours.

You’ll also find a wide variety of courses in which a class or individuals will build canoes or kayaks. The school strives to provide small, intimate classes that guarantee plenty of individual attention.
For those lacking this experience, we highly recommend taking our INTRODUCTION TO WOODWORKING course or a basic carpentry class in your hometown before signing up for one of our boatbuilding classes.
As one looks at our remarkable array of course offerings, you’ll find that there is literally something for everyone who shares a common interest in boats and boating. For those of you looking for a great introduction to traditional wooden boat construction, we recommend: FUNDAMENTALS OF BOATBUILDING, INTRODUCTION TO BOATBUILDING, BUILDING THE OCEAN POINTER, BUILDING THE MCKENZIE RIVER DORY, BUILDING A MAINE PEAPOD, BUILDING A NORDIC PRAM, and BUILDING A DORY.

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