Our services here at The Wooden Boat Shop LLC  encompass all areas of recreational boating! Of course, we service all makes of inboard and inboard-outboard engines, transmissions, as well as outdrives to include Mercruiser, OMC and Volvo.
We rebuild carburetors for all makes & models and specialize in Zenith updraft carburetors and Carter side draft carburetors. Show quality chrome plating is available through The Wooden Boat Shop, simply send us your old, worn parts and we will quote you a price. Are you looking for Marine plywood The Wooden Boat Shop is your source for High Density marine plywood. Technical advice about your project or survey or simply any questions at all about your purchase is “free of charge” and we are happy to serve you. Other services that we offer include transportation of antique & vintage boats anywhere in the country. Prop repair, shaft replacement & strut bearing replacement are also a few of the many services that we can do for you. Historical connection to Sorrento, owned and operated by Tally Erlandson founding commodore of Sorrento Sailing Club and operator of the baths.
Giorgio Gjergja(Aus Maid), winner of the 1996 Sydney Hobart, Australian winning team 1996 Kenwood cup, large fleet owner.Hi Tim,As you know I have a number of boats including the Couta boat, the Chris Craft and an electric boat. Wooden Boat Shop recently supplied two 5.8C VSR ribs to the organising committee of the Perth 2011 ISAF world Championships.
The emerging nations program that is an initiative of the Perth 2011 committee intended to give emerging sailing nations a leg up in the sport. Tideways has more room than you can imagine.It doesn't matter whether you're planning a long trip up the coast or just a day on the water with family, you'll love the freedom and flexibility this boat has to offer. The boat also had to be big enough to take another family and their kids on for the day, and versatile enough to have the options to have a sit down lunch, take the family fishing, or to have a lazy day swimming at anchor.
It also had to be a size I could handle by myself getting on or off moorings, or into jetties. We never travel very far, and when we do half the fun is in the journey; so speed was not a priority. This was taking us to a price bracket we did not want to go to, not to mention the running costs. Then we realised we could get exactly what we wanted by building our boat through "The Wooden Boat Shop" for the price that suited us.

The boat has proven to live up to all of our expectations and more, recently completing a leisurely trip to Tasmania stopping at numerous ports on the way down to Hobart.
The Wooden Boatshop occupies 2½ acres in the historic Victorian settlement of Sorrento on Port Phillip Bay, Australia.
The business has evolved from a purpose built facility for Couta boat construction to a complete facility for wooden boat design, construction, restoration and maintenance. During this period Tim maintained an active interest with a succession of boats, competing in successive ocean races and cruising the waters of the east and southern coasts. Tim, ably assisted by wife Sally, are committed to the preservation and restoration of wooden boats and boatbuilding skills. We invite you to come and visit to view the traditional Craftmanship of Boatbuilding and buy your parts and accessories.
We carry service parts for all makes that include Chris Craft, Hercules, Greymarine, Chevrolet, Interceptor, Ford, Chrysler and Marine Power.
Just send us your carburetor and we will rebuild and detail it and ship it straight back to you upon completion. We do preventive maintenance such as re-packing wheel bearings and brake shoe replacement to welding, adding support pieces, axle replacement, tire & wheel services and new trailer sales. I used to have an aluminium runabout that I replaced with a VSR Rib.I have to tell you that it is the best investment I could have made and is one of the boats that I enjoy most of all.
The event scheduled for 3 - 18 December 2011 is the biggest Olympic class sailing regatta on the world calendar. Model dedicated to serve for small sailboats classes operations and support.Small regarding the size, but rich on room onboard.
We also wanted a boat that would stand the test of time both physically and from a design point of view. When we looked at all our options, the fibreglass boats that ticked the boxes had very elaborate cabin fit outs that we did not need and huge engine capacities that we also did not need.
When we looked at the second hand fibreglass boats in this market there were a few things that stood out: they were all tired, the styles were dating and they came with all the "uncertainties" of owning a second hand boat. The desire to take up a boatbuilding apprenticeship with Alec Lacco was thwarted by parents who decided Tim's education could be better used in the family building business. It was his encounter with the Couta boats that presented the opportunity for Tim to realise his ambition of working with well-built wooden craft. Seeking out the boatbuilders and fishermen of the Couta boat era; including Jack Norling, Ken Lacco, Harry Clark, Peter Locke and Jack Beazley, Tim has studied every aspect of Couta boat design and construction, keeping the history of this uniquely Australian boat alive!

In the past and future development of The Wooden Boatshop this has meant a commitment to the training of apprentices.
We are the largest stocking dealer in Ohio for Interlux, Pettit, Epifanes & Z-Spar products.
We can do a compression test on the engine(s), look over the boat for possible problems, check out the trailer and give you a written report based on our findings.
It is expected that most of the teams representing nations at the championships will be using VSR ribs. They are capable of keeping up with a RSX board sailing over 20 knots and at the same time keep the coach dry.
The unique hull shape and seagoing ability are parameters resulting in good proportion of inertia and levels of deceleration working over a prolonged periods of time. With the addition of deck chairs and the fold out storable table for six, the layout is flexible to suit any use.
We needed a boat with cabin space to give the kids somewhere to go and rest during the day and also get out of the sun. If the kids want to ski or be towed on a tyre or go to the beach, we leave mum in peace for an hour on the boat and take the kids out on the duck.
Tim completed his trade qualifications and then moved into a management position within this business.
These trailers have walk boards on the sides, propellers and rudder guards, four (4) longitudinal bolsters, side guides and vertical bow stop in a large “V” shape with winch above deck level for easy drive on loading and you get to choose any automotive color.
To think that you can travel at nearly top speed on a 20 knot seabreeze day with 5 foot seas, not get wet AND stay in control is amazing!
This pays off as less stress to human body, safer and comfortable handling and use of the boats itself.
I do stress the word “independent.” Technical advice about your project or a survey or simply any questions at all about your purchase is “free of charge” and we are happy to serve you.

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