You can never have too many ship's lanterns to give your decor that authentic Nautical feel.
The 100th Anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic has passed, but we won't forget that doomed ship.
We aim to be Australia's premier online emporium for Nautical Antiques and Collectables, catering to the desires of old salts and landlubbers alike by bringing back the days of wooden ships and iron men. Late 19th Century pine sea chest with museum quality rope-work beckets and a sailor-art painting of a fullly rigged, three masted German Empire flagged sailing ship inside the lid. Large Japanese blue-green glass fishing buoy with hemp rope netting and a telescopic plastic marker tube.
Local boat builders contribute to an exhibition of beautiful and intriguing new work opening at the South Coast Regional Arts Centre this month.
The Wooden Boat Exchange, developed by Craftsouth in partnership with Country Arts SA for Just Add Water and supported by Arts SA, has seen artists and craftspeople working across the disciplines of sculpture, printmaking, ceramics and jewellery partnered with boat builders, surfboard makers and other tradespeople from the boat building fraternity to exchange skills, develop ideas and collaborate on the development production of new work. Local wood worker, Martin Corbin, spent time working with Randal Cooper of Goolwa Masts and Welding. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Randal, not only for the experience of the rigging trade, but also for the introduction to the broader culture that is at its most basic, messing around with boats.
Martin and Randal will discuss their collaboration for the Wooden Boat Exchange, their affiliations with the Goolwa region and the production of their work for the exhibition in conversation with Craftsouth Executive Director Rae O’Connell as part of the exhibition’s free public program. The other creative partnerships include: Adelaide based ceramicist James Edwards also working with the volunteers down at the Armfield Slip and Adelaide jeweller, Joanne ‘Juju’ Haifawi, paired with Ben Smith of New Growth Surfboards.
Martin Corbin and Randal Cooper in conversation with Craftsouth’s Executive Director, Rae O’Connell, followed by refreshments. A full colour catalogue with essay by Jane Hylton and a series of short films exploring each of the collaborations also accompanies the exhibition.

The project is a partnership between Craftsouth and Country Arts SA for Just Add Water, the Regional Centre of Culture in Goolwa in 2012, and is supported by Arts SA. Don't forget that Expressions of Interest for the Leigh Creek Artist in Residence program close at 5pm today! Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. Over the last few months I have been working with John Owen Woodworks to create a kit for my Quick Canoe 155 design.  It is already a very comprehensive plan and having a kit can make it go together even easier. This boat is designed to go together very quickly, with a serious effort you could build it in a weekend, but I expect most to take a couple or maybe three weekends to put it together including painting. We designed the boat to be assembled with duct tape temporarily while the inside seams are glued or glass taped.  This makes it very easy to assemble. Prices are ex shipping.  You can pay through paypal using their own service or Mastercard or Visa. The kit includes all the pine plywood cut accurately, all the timber trim with precut scarf joins where necessary, a simple jig for making sure the scarf joins are aligned correctly when glued and more. The highest quality construction, most foolproof and longest lasting  is gluing with epoxy resin.  John can supply an epoxy glue, glass tape and wood flour package for $99 click this link. Alternatively there is a lower cost alternative of using polyester resin with 2″ (50mm) wide glass tape and a woodworking glue such as PL Premium or 3M 5200 which are available at local hardware stores.
I have modified the plans and John has modified the kit contents so that everything works together effectively.
He is still working on the website, but the commercial side is going very well with two kits sold before the website was really up and going. I am pretty careful about who I work in with but I had good references from John from two sources.

Also he does a lot of work for Performance Sailcraft the manufacturers of Laser Class sailboats. There have been several of the Quick Canoes build now and you can see some photosets from different builders of the Plywood Quick Canoe  in different countries here.
Precut Plywood Kits Available for Storer Boats – UK, Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa.
At times I’ve felt like a tourist in my own town, totally absorbed by the richness of this culture, its ancient roots and its vibrant and innovative expression. Oscar W) and ceramicist Gerry Wedd (partnered with Nick Brauer of Nick Brauer Wooden surfboards).
When I started the project I thought boats came in various sizes and styles, probably with names to match. The artists will discuss the inspiration behind their respective collaborations at an artist talk to be held at the gallery. I was quite unprepared for how much they differ, reflecting their age, history and the character and whims of their various owners and how working on them requires a parallel approach to problem solving that I’d use in my own sculptural practice.
The 16th Annual Pirates Cove woods sauceboat Festival is upcoming astir Crataegus oxycantha quaternary and May 5th. Stop by ladys-finger and say Hawaii if you are atomic number 85 the show pirates cove wooden boat show.

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